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Thomas Jefferson High School and athletic field stand out in this aerial shot taken from north of Broadway. The wide street in the foreground is Broadway, and the street angling from the left of the photo is Twenty-fifth.

You are gazing at the heart of Council Bluffs in this aerial photo. The camera, pointing slightly northeast, captures dozens of well known landmarks. Bayliss Square, with its X-shaped walks, dominates the lower portion of the picture. Broadway,…

There are plenty of off-street parking lots here, this aerial photo of the downtown area reveals. It looks southwest. The wide street is Broadway. At the left foreground is the back view of Broadway Methodist Church. Bayliss Square is near the…

This is how Council Bluffs and part of Omaha look from nine miles up. This photo was take by Mark Hurd Aaerial [sic] Surveys, Inc., of Minneapolis, Minn, which has perfected a method of utilizing a distortion-free camera in a Lear jet plane to take…

Aerial photo of Broadway, looking west, from about 7th Street toward 16th Street (pre-viaduct).

Aerial photo of Broadway, looking northeast, from about 16th Street to First Street and the First Methodist Church. Landmarks pictured include City Auditorium, Strand Theater, and First Methodist Church.

Aerial photo of Broadway, looking northeast from 8th Street. Landmarks shown include: Post Office/Federal Building, Bayliss Park, the Park Building, the Ogden Hotel, City Auditorium, and First Methodist Church.

Aerial Photo of West Broadway, looking northwest. Area of photo covers from approximately 6th Street and Willow, northeast to 1st Street/Madison Avenue. Buildings pictured include City Hall, the old Public Library, the old County Courthouse,…

Aerial photo of Council Bluffs, looking north from 9th Avenue along South Main Street . Landmarks pictured include: old public library, old courthouse, Strand Theater, Woodward Candy Company, old post office, old Abraham Lincoln High School,…

Council_Bluffs_Aerial_Views_ 001.jpg
aerial photograph looking north from about 9th Avenue; South Main Street to the lower right and West Broadway across center of photo. Landmarks include: the old Courthouse, the old Public Library, Bayliss Park, the Strand Theater, the Wickham Block,…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene: Looking east along Broadway from Fourth Street in 1900, the only traffic was two street cards and few horse-drawn buggies. At that time The Nonpareil occupied the building now known as the IOOF Temple. The postal…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene: A look at Pearl Street south from Broadway in the early 1900s shows that the horse and buggy and the high-wheeled street car were the principal means of transportation. And women were wearing dresses which practically…

Today...the scene has undergone many changes. There are new buildings, new businesses and a new street--minus the old streetcar tracks. The Strand Theater stands where the Revere Hotel did. And a cafe occupies the Bracket [sic] store site. There…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene: Some 47 years ago, this is how Broadway looked from Sixth Street to the east. At the left is the Revere Hotel; at right is the L. C. Brackett bookstore. Note the sporty model roadster. This view appeared on a…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--This is how Broadway, looking west from Glen Avenue, appears on a postcard dated 1907. Traffic was no problem, and hitching posts stood in front of each store building. This card came from Harry Neill, 721 S. 6th St.

Today...the same stretch of Broadway has a modernized appearance. The buses, at lower left, have replaced the streetcars. And automobiles are everywhere. Few buildings remain that can be compared with those in the old picture. Missing are the…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Streetcars played an important role in everyday life here when this photo of Broadway--looking west from the Masonic Temple--was taken in 1908. There are three trams in the photo. The only other visible means of…

Today...the same buildings have kept up with the times, with a series of renovations and remodeling. The most recent remodeling was that of the building at the extreme right, following a fire several years agao.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--These brick buildings at First St. and Broadway, erected about 100 years ago, were the first of their type in Council Bluffs. This photo was reproduced from "Early Days At Council Bluffs" by Babbitt, a book at the Free…

Today...this same section of Broadway takes on a much different appearance. Few buildings along the section remain the same. New paving, new street lighting, and new buildings account for the cleaner look. The old watering trough has been moved.
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