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Thomas Jefferson High School and athletic field stand out in this aerial shot taken from north of Broadway. The wide street in the foreground is Broadway, and the street angling from the left of the photo is Twenty-fifth.

Holding Two Gallibeyas . . . or Egyptian dresses is Thomas Jefferson High School teacher R.H. Flanders. He spent part of his summer vacation touring the Middle East and will be passing on his newly acquired knowledge on the subject to T.J. students.

1940 Yearbook (Annual) of Thomas Jefferson High School

2008 Yearbook (Annual) of Thomas Jefferson High School

1946 Yearbook (Annual) of Thomas Jefferson High School.

1947 Yearbook (Annual) of Thomas Jefferson High School.

1959 Yearbook (Annual) of Thomas Jefferson High School.

Class of TJHS 1939.jpg
Photographs and documents related to class reunions of the 1939 class of Thomas Jefferson High School.

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Group photograph of the Thomas Jefferson High School class of 1928, September 8, 1978
Row 1, left to right: Clyde Clark, Richard Shively, Paul Culton, John Risney, Warren McHargue, Kenneth Cummins, Carlyle Dryden
Row 2, left to right: Harriet…

You'd Make A Face Too...if you got as much dirt on you as Royal McCollum did when he slid into third base on a sacrifice bunt.

High avoid bumping into runner Don Dew, St. Joseph's third baseman Bob Blankenship sees ball go past the bag on steal attempt by Dew.
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