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For 74 years, Justice has been standing triumphant, scale in hand, watching the passing scene across the city. Can you identify the observation point? Here's a hint: This picture was taken with a telephoto lens.

Answer: The statue stands on top of…

A hearty, rugged band of travelers inspired this monumental cluster of boulders. The hefty stones commemorate one of the epic stories of the frontier west. Can you identify the marker?

Answer: The Mormon monument in Bayliss Park, erected by the…

This bronze tinted bird with the fancy sun visor puts on a colorful nighttime exhibition each summer in Council Bluffs without leaving his time worn perch. Where is it?

Answer: The fountain in Bayliss Park.

This imposing monument commemorates the heroism of an early Council Bluffs resident who met his death on a Civil War battlefield. It was erected in 1902 by "his comrades and school children of Council Bluffs."

Answer: The Col. William H. Kinsman…

This remarkable steeple is considered one of the more authentic examples of Gothic architecture in town. The steeple and church were erected in 1931 to serve a congregation organized nearly 80 years ago. Where is it?

Answer: St. Paul's Lutheran…

A famous man once stood at this spot and reached a decision that changed the future of the city. This location has since become one of the top local attractions for sightseers. Can you identify the monument?

Answer: The Lincoln monument on…
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