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Today...the same area reveals a lot of changes. The Public Library is surrounded with nice shade trees and automobiles replace the streetcars and horse drawn wagon. And new buildings have been added. The five-story structure is the Park building. …

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Taken from a postcard, dated 1908, this scene looks north on Pearl Street. At left is the Free Public Library. At right is the old Merriam block. Beno's store is in the distant center and a streetcar is midway up the…

Glenwood Children . . . wait to enter the newly-renovated Glenwood Public Library, part of the downtown beautification project. Vari-colored bricks have been painted red, and windows, ledges and the entryway are painted white.

The Public Library . . . at Glenwood is scheduled for a major facelift next spring in conjunction with the renovation of the downtown Glenwood business district. Built in the early 1900s, the library is made of two different colored bricks but the…
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