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There are plenty of off-street parking lots here, this aerial photo of the downtown area reveals. It looks southwest. The wide street is Broadway. At the left foreground is the back view of Broadway Methodist Church. Bayliss Square is near the…

Aerial photo of downtown Council Bluffs, looking north to the hospital from about 9th Avenue, bunded on the right by 7th Street. Landmarks pictured include Bayliss Park, the old courthouse, the old Public Library, Park Building, Bennett Building,…

Aerial photo of downtown Council Bluffs, looking south. West Broadway runs from left to right in the center of the photo. Landmarks pictured include: City Auditorium, Bayliss Park, old Public Library, old Courthouse, City Hall, first Federal…

Aerial photo of Council Bluffs, looking southeast. West Broadway stretches from the center right of the photo at 8th Street) past First Street to East Broadway on the upper left. Landmarks pictured include Bayliss Park, the old Public Library, the…

Aerial photo of Broadway, looking northeast, from about 16th Street to First Street and the First Methodist Church. Landmarks pictured include City Auditorium, Strand Theater, and First Methodist Church.

Aerial photo of Broadway, looking northeast from 8th Street. Landmarks shown include: Post Office/Federal Building, Bayliss Park, the Park Building, the Ogden Hotel, City Auditorium, and First Methodist Church.
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