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There are plenty of off-street parking lots here, this aerial photo of the downtown area reveals. It looks southwest. The wide street is Broadway. At the left foreground is the back view of Broadway Methodist Church. Bayliss Square is near the…

Aerial photo of subdivison at Bennett and McPherson. Pictured are: McPherson Avenue, Bennett Avenue, Arnold Avenue, Adrian Avenue, Beal Street, Robin Road, Mielke Way, Wenwood Circle, Windsor Court, and Abraham Lincoln High School.

aerial photo of Abraham Lincoln High School, looking north from Bennett Avenue and Bonham St. St. Albert High School is in the top of the photo.

Aerial photo of Council Bluffs, looking north from 9th Avenue along South Main Street . Landmarks pictured include: old public library, old courthouse, Strand Theater, Woodward Candy Company, old post office, old Abraham Lincoln High School,…

Today...the same southeast corner of Fourth St. and Fifth Ave. shows, at left Fritz' Trailer Service. The modern blacksmith shop at right is operated by Emil Molgard. In the background is Abraham Lincoln High School and gym.

Today...The Abraham Lincoln football field stands at the site of the old school. The picture was taken from Fifth Avenue bluffs. The lighted field can be seen from virtually all over the city. It is named Kirn Field, in honor of former A.L.…

The Spider...pulled down a great share of Lynx rebounds. Paul Merkuris (52) looks like he used four arms and four legs on this effort, as a T.J. defender flounders behind him.

Aiko Yoshikawa, left, and Jacqueline Roy, right, foreign exchange students from Japan and France, share state tournament cheers with Judy Pedersen, center, Abraham Lincoln senior, as A.L. advanced to the basketball finals. "It's so exciting, " Aiko…

Basketball game in high school gym; player with ball making drive under the basket.

Schools C686c.tif
Photograph showing construction on the front entrance of Council Bluffs High School (Abraham Lincoln High School). Notes on back of photograph read, "Entrance New High School - April 21, 1901."

Schools A375.tif
Aerial photograph of Abraham Lincoln High School in Council Bluffs (Iowa).

Schools A273a.tif
Photograph of the exterior of Abraham Lincoln High School, Council Bluffs (Iowa).

Schools A273d.tif

Group photograph of the Abraham Lincoln High School class of 1929, July 19, 1969
Row 1, left to right: Don Anderson, Ellen Glebe Meier, Frieda Kruse Wasson, Wilma Scheef Claus, Mildred Meyerson Frankel, Ruth Bronson McManus, Mary Olahan Dills,…

Schools A273.tif

Group photograph of the Abraham Lincoln High School class of 1935, June 8, 1985.
Row 1 left to right: James Knight, Roger Sulhoff, Donald Drustrup, Ray Martens, Jack Fernley, Eva Nelson Fernley, Fae Rusell Kammerer, Maxine Lund Dickerson, David…

Schools A273 (8).tif
Group photograph of the Abraham Lincoln High School class of 1929.
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