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Council Bluffs Changing Scene: Looking east along Broadway from Fourth Street in 1900, the only traffic was two street cards and few horse-drawn buggies. At that time The Nonpareil occupied the building now known as the IOOF Temple. The postal…

Today...the same section of Pearl Street, with many noticeable changes during the past 26 years. At left, The Nonpareil building replaces the old one following a fire. Trees in the older picture have since grown up and been removed.

Today...the Park building, center, dominates the scene. The City Hall, nearly hidden because of the setback from the street, has replaced the Merriam block. The Nonpareil replaced the Brown block. At the extreme right, the E.H. Lougee Co. occupies…

Today...the same space is occupied by The Nonpareil publishing plant. The paper's building was created shortly after fire destroyed the Brown building in the middle 20's.

Today...Radio Station KSWI, left, and the Nonpareil occupy the site of the two burned buildings. The Nonpareil Court provides a drive between the two present structures. The Moose Lodge occupies the former Nonpareil building at the right. In the…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--In 1923, fire destroyed the Rogers building on the left and the Brown block, center. The old Nonpareil building is on extreme right. The picture was taken on the Main St. side of the block between Willow and First…
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