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Today...the old City Auditorium has lost all its glamor. While the balcony seats are still in place, the main floor is cluttered and crowded with post office equipment. The building at North Main St. and Washington Ave. has been used as the…

Today...a new building has replaced the old machine shop, now houses the parcel post station on a temporary basis while the Chieftain Van and Storage uses the old garage building. The same tower on Central Fire Station shows at left.

Today...only the basement part of the building stands. The main building was condemned and razed in 1951. The annex, at right, is still being used. Council Bluffs has been recommended for a new Federal Building-Post Office under the Lease-Purchase…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--This is the Council Bluffs Post Office as it appeared in 1888. It was one of the largest buildings in the city at that time and it served as a focal point of civic interest.

Changing_Scene_1953_10_29_1953_025.jpg the Bryant-Main-Washington intersection is the fire department's Central Station. The old bell has been transplanted to the roof of the new building. The old sign lies in the attic. Indian Creek is underground. The Post Office has…

Photograph of new government building and post office. Southwest corner of Sixth Street and Broadway. Dedicated in 1888. Enlarged twice. Torn down in 1950.

General Delivery Clerk Henry Christensen, 210 Greenview Drive, prepares to stuff a load of mail into a rented box at the Council Bluffs Post Office. Although this year's volume of Christmas mail was down slightly from last year, postal authorities…

Seven postcards depicting the Council Bluffs Post Office and Federal Building.

Post Office O434.tif
Photograph of the Omaha (Nebraska) Post Office taken on August 30, 1899.

Post Office C686b.tif
2 photographs. Employees of the Council Bluffs Post Office. Partial list of names attached.

Post Office C686a.tif
Photograph of the Council Bluffs Post Office.

Post Office M355b.tif
Photograph of the mail terminal on 21st street in Council Bluffs (Iowa).

Post Office M355a.tif
Mail terminal at 21st street, Council Bluffs (Iowa).
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