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This is how Council Bluffs and part of Omaha look from nine miles up. This photo was take by Mark Hurd Aaerial [sic] Surveys, Inc., of Minneapolis, Minn, which has perfected a method of utilizing a distortion-free camera in a Lear jet plane to take…

Aerial photo of Council Bluffs, Missouri River, and eastern Omaha, looking north from Lake Manawa to Carter Lake and the Omaha Municipal Airport

Buff Brick Exterior...of Community United Presbyterian Church will be complimented by landscaping and shrubbery.

Carter Lake #3
includes riverboat proposals & casino

Carter Lake, Iowa
(Iowa community on Nebraska side of River)
File #[?]
to 10/30/1979

Carter Lake School...will have room to expand this fall because the seventh and eighth graders will be going to Wilson School. Officials hope to use several of the rooms for a library and others for expansion of the special education programs. it…

Future Progress...the goal of Carter Lake Mayor Gerald Waltrip. He said the city is in the process of changing its image. Among his hopes are a central city department complex.

The 1,500-Gallon Tanker...moves out of the Carter Lake Fire Department building on its way to a blaze. The bright yellow tanker, formerly an army vehicle, was rebuilt by department members. The firefighters moved into their new building last July.

The arched wooden footbridge sretching over Carter Lake provices an ideal resting spot for fishermne's poles on a nippy fall day. The men were pulling in a number of fish with hardly any effort. The roar of jets from nearby Eppley Airfield didn't…

This white concrete block building at Carter Lake's Locust Street and Thriteenth Street houses the Carter Lake Newspaper Press and Printing plant operated by Charles O. Huff. The newspaper is presently being published monthly.

Main the Carter Lake School sets off a community project built at a cost of $250,000

School Carter Lake is bulging with students. Additions to the original structure are visable [sic] at both right and left. Another four-room addition is proposed for the left or west wing.

New Lutheran Church ...located at Ninth and Mayper Streets at Carter Lake is nearing completion.

The Town carried on in the Utility Building near Fifth and Locust St. Volunteer firemen use half the building.

The Largest Industry...and the biggest taxpayer in Carter Lake is the Paxton and Vierling Steel Co.

Religious Functions...are observed on a community basis in the Carter Lake Presbyterian Church.

Stezie Steskal, Carter Lake, in yard with rooster

Kelly Steskal and borther Stezie Steskal, of Carter Lake, with Kelly holding rooster. On back of photo: File--Carter Lake
Stezie Steskal
Rooster complaint
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