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tugboat churns its way upstream on the Missouri Riber pushing its barges. Council Bluffs already has become a frequent port-of-call for water traffic such as this and local businessmen hope to see it increase. This view, taken north of the South…

The Illinois Central draw bridge over the Missouri River is one of the largest of its kind in this country. The Iowa span of the bridge was built in 1893; the Nebraska span later. The Omaha skyline is at the top of this piecture which is looking to…

Aerial photo of the Council Bluffs City Water Works, looking north from Avenue Q; North 25th Street runs from the bottom center of the photo to the Missouri River at the top center.

This is how Council Bluffs and part of Omaha look from nine miles up. This photo was take by Mark Hurd Aaerial [sic] Surveys, Inc., of Minneapolis, Minn, which has perfected a method of utilizing a distortion-free camera in a Lear jet plane to take…

Aerial photo of Council Bluffs, Missouri River, and eastern Omaha, looking north from Lake Manawa to Carter Lake and the Omaha Municipal Airport

Aerial photo, looking north, of Union Pacific Missouri River bridge, with the Omaha Public Power District's Jones Street station pictured in the upper left of the photo.

Aerial photo of east and west banks of the Missouri River at the Ak-Sar-Ben-Bridge (currently site of I-480 bridge). Council Bluffs' West Broadway and Playland Park are pictured in the top half of the photo, and the American Smelting and Refinery…

Aerial photo of Ak-Sar-Ben Bridge and the construction of the supports for the Interstate 480 Bridge across the Missouri River. Playland Park is pictured in the center of the photo, and Broadway is on the right side of the photo. A small section of…

Customer Service . . . sends Monte Christensen up a (power) pole - literally. He's an installer-repairman for Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. and usually gets a birds-eye view of the neighborhoods in which he works. He says one of the biggest hazards…

Expansion At Power Plant . . . is viewed from the roof of the existing structure by Superintendent John Thorson. The existing plant has a capacity of 140,000 kilowatts. The new plant will increase the capacity by 720,000 kilowatts and is scheduled to…

This new electric truck like three other new ones across Iowa - was unveiled Thursday by The Iowa Power and Light Company in Council Bluffs. Edward L. Birdsall, assistant vice-president and manager for the Western Division of Iowa Power, demonstrates…

A Complex . . . of technical electronic components are to be utilized in the basement of Iowa Power and Light Co. Part of the equipment there is basic power supply, signal connector and transmitters and receivers.

New Service Site . . . for Iowa Power and Light Co., will be this building and a smaller unit at Sixteenth Ave. and Third St.

Awaiting Delivery . . . from a railroad flat car is the Iowa Power and Light Company's portable substation.

Growing On Schedule . . . is this 90,000-kilowatt addition to the Iowa Power and Light Co. plant near Manawa. It is to be completed next December. At left is the generating plant, and at right the steel framework for new boilers.

Railroad service for visitors at the new Iowa Power & Light Co.'s Council Bluffs Power Station was provided by this Burlington VistaDome car and Ipalco's own diesel locomotive. Here the train is backing into the plant, with boiler sections rising in…

Ipalco Executives . . . check the luncheon menu before the preview tour of the new power plant. They are Vern Beats, district manager, and President N. Bernard Gussett, seated; E.T. Meredith, E.H. Mulock, John Shuler, and J.T. Schilling.

Council Bluffs On Own Power . . . as switches are thrown by District Manager Vern Beats, above, and Distribution Supt. Claude Dilley at the Iowa Power & Light Co. sub-station on North Fifteenth St. Friday night.
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