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Aerial photo of downtown Council Bluffs, looking southwest toward the Union Pacific Roundhouse from 2nd and West Broadway. Landmarks pictured include Hinky Dinky Store, Bennett Building, city Auditorium, old Washington School, Bloomer School, old…

Aerial photo of downtown Council Bluffs, looking south. West Broadway runs from left to right in the center of the photo. Landmarks pictured include: City Auditorium, Bayliss Park, old Public Library, old Courthouse, City Hall, first Federal…

Today...the scene has changed considerably. The Hinky Dinky supermarket now occupies the site where the Platner home stood 70 years ago. Before the store took possession, the corner was occupied by the Woodward Candy Factory. At center right is…

Cutting The Ribbon . . . formally opening the new Hinky Dinky Supermarket at Bluff Plaza Wednesday is Mayor John Pogge, center. Present for the opening are C.A. Monasee, president of Hinky Dinky; J.M. Newman, chairman of the board; Ed Brown, store…

Frozen Foods In New Style Cases . . . some 75 feet long and well lighted are one of the features of the new store. Another feature is the "on premise" bakery section. The store contains 20,000 square feet, 15,000 feet of display and sales, and was…

From The Manager's Office . . . the new Hinky Dinky store looks like this. Workers arrange the last items on the long row of shelves that are nearly completed. To operate the store requires 55 employees under Manager Ed Brown who has been in charge…

Getting ready for opening of Hinky Dinky's new store at Oak Street and Broadway in the new Bluff Plaza is a big job. A whole troop of employees have been working for several weeks to stock the shelves in preparation for the grand opening.

New Supermarket . . . and 300-car parking lot built by Hinky Dinky Food Stores occupy a full square block at Twenty-eighth St. and West Broadway. It is the largest grocery store in Iowa and will employ about 100 persons.

The plans for this new supermarket at Twenty-eighth St. and West Broadway were revealed Saturday by Hinky-Dinky Stores of Omaha. Grading for the $300,000 structure has been started. The store will open late in the spring of 1957 and employ 100…

Fly-In Supermarket . . . planned by Hinky-Dinky at Glen Ave. and Broadway will look like this. The cars will enter the rooftop parking lot from Pierce St. Sketch by G.B. Larson, architect.

Hinky Dinky Supermarket at Glen Avenue and West Broadway in Council Bluffs, 1939

Today...the same corner has been revamped, with part of the original building now housing a super market, with parking lot in front. All the building which had occupied Broadway frontage has been removed.
["Council Bluffs Changing Scene" photo…
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