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'Out for a good time'
'This weather . . . not fit for a dog'
Jack Kennedy
'Yankee Doodle Dandy'
'Fountain of youth'
'The jumper'

(top) "This Weather - Not Fit For A Dog" . . . is the picture that won the sweepstakes award for Jack Kennedy in the Iowa Associated Press Newsphoto contest.
(bottom) Jack Kennedy . . . first photographer to win AP sweepstakes twice in row.

"Fountain Of Youth" . . . the picture's "vitality" wins Iowa photo award for The Nonpareil and Jack Kennedy.

Ironic Story . . . is told by this Air Force survival booklet in the death car driven by S. Sgt. James W. Collins.

(top) "Out For A Good Time" . . . this crash picture won the sweepstakes award for Jack Kennedy in the Iowa Associated Press Newsphoto contest.
(bottom) Jack Kennedy . . . top award.

Crews Work...into the second day Thursday to clear the main line of the Burlington Northern derailment just North West of Malvern. Of the 23 freight cars derailed, three hopper cars still blocked the cut Thursday forenoon. Division Supt. D.S.…

The Broadway Viaduct..stretches from Eighth to Fifteenth Sts. as contractors prepare to set the structural steel of the two-million dollar project. Except for the structural steel work, the west approach ramp (bottom) is the only major part of the…

Like a space rocket blasting off, the new spire starts its trip to the top of the tower on the Broadway Methodist Church Wednesday afternoon as more than 1,000 spectators watch the job. The new steeple extends 150 feet above the street. See page 3…

Christmas lights and snow deck downtown Broadway in jewels and ermine in this cold scene looking west from Pearl Street. The camera captured the setting with a time exposure shot Tuesday evening. Nonpareil photo by Jack Kennedy.

Three Years Of Work...and $7.2 million went into this Interstate Highway passage Missouri River, seen here looking eastward.. Arrows indicate the traffic flow. Westbound vehicles will use the northern lanes of 480 bridge, exiting on dodge Street. …

Delta piers for Spring Street Bridge are taking shape as the reinforcing steel fans out on the number 11 pier on the Iowa side of the river. Grading for the Nebraska approach can be seen in upper background. The substructure is scheduled for…

Asst. Police Chief Merle Sass...of Missouri Valley steps off distances at the scene of Friday's accident which killed five Southwest Iowa youths and injured two others. Greer auto came to rest (1) after it was in a collision with the Keairnes car…

Bicycle Pedaling...does wonders for the wind John Nelson, insurance agent, finds out when he joins the class on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Nonpareil Photos by Jack Kennedy.

It Was Easy To Put It On...but City manager Don Harmon grimaces as he attempts to work a few inches from his midsection with the aid of Ben Siepker, telephone engineer...[Nonpareil photos by Jack Kennedy]

The Entire Class...does 10 laps around the gym after a noon-hour exercise session. The Rev. Ralph Faisst, of St. John United Church of Christ, leas the way, followed by Morris Hester, the fitness director for the Y....[Nonpareil photos by Jack…

Pushups Has Its Ups And Downs...but Delman Campbell, insurance agent, one of 22 men enrolled in the YMCA physical fitness course, rinds the exercise easier with each session he attends. .[Nonpareil photos by Jack Kennedy]

The Splat Of Raindrops...on the faces of Diane Baldwin and Vickie Corum produced smiles as they waited for a traffic signal near Washington School. They are first graders at the school. Nonpareil photo by Jack Kennedy

Brittle fingers that in summer hold a lcoak of green leaves belong to this row of trees at Lake Manawa. As the Picnic tables huddle against the trees as if for warmth, the dull winter sun filters its way through a lacework of branches. Clouds hold…

All That Is Missing...from this Halloween picture is a witch with a broom. As small goblins go forth Friday to collect goodies from their neighbors, Police Chief Nick Sulentic urged a campaign of safety and citizen alertness. Nonpareil Photo by…
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