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Aerial photo of southwest Council Bluffs, looking north from the northern part of Lake Manawa. South Main Street is pictured in the upper right of the photo, and the Chicago Northwestern Railway yard at 23rd Avenue and South 16th Street. The…

Aerial photo of downtown Council Bluffs, looking northeast,. West Broadway runs diagonally from upper left to lower right. Landmarks pictured include: Bayliss Park, the old Post Office, Hotel Chieftain, Bennett Building, the old Washington…

Once loose, the rails and ties are lifted by a crane into a car. This scene is just east of Highway 375 overpass. The job is expected to take most of the summer to complete. Photos by Jack kennedy.

Since the Chicago Great Western Railroad has been taken over by the Chicago and North Western, the Great Western yards are now being stripped of rails and ties. A crew of seven college students and regular employes [sic] started to dismantle the…

Freight Office, left...rebuilt by the North Western Railroad in 1953 is now the Railway Inn, a tavern at Eleventh Street and First Avenue. The old passenger depot, right, was torn down shortly after the freight office was completed.

Freight office, left...rebuilt by north Western Railroad in 1953 is now the Railway Inn, a tavern at Eleventh Street and First Avenue. The old passenger depot, right, was torn down shortly after the freight office as completed.

photo of car approaching the Chicago and North Western Railway's crossing on Washboard Road.

A Car Crossing...the railroad on Washboard Road must be within 11 feet of the rail before the driver's line of sight is clear to the curve easy of the intersection.

Getting Them Rolling Again...was the concern of the first work crews reporting back to the Chicago and North Western Railway Saturday. Inspecting locomotives idled for the last 30 days in the Council Bluffs yards were the Division General Foreman…

Swinging Down...from the engine cab are crewmen James Nelson, the fireman, and engineer Tom Ogilvie.

Old No. 5...emerges through a cloud of swirling snow with its last string of passenger cards for Council Bluffs

Transmitting A List...of eastbound freight cars is Chief Clerk Odell Waffle, Route 4, and Asst. Supt. L.C. McDowell. Information is transmitted directly from punched cards.

Motive power and car shops offices have been combined in new quarters at the Chicago and North Western Railroad diesel shop building on Avenue G. Miss Letha Wadley, general clerk, works at her desk. Former quarters occupied by the two offices here…

Close-up phot of derailed railroad cars and damaged tracks.
On back of photo:
Train Crash

Fishtail evident in derailed cars of Overland Limited passenger train. Several hundred feet of train is damaged.

A photo of the interior of the Chicago and North Western's repair shop. On back of photo:
C&NW Repair shop
on Ave G
This is CB

Workers Investigate...the best method of pulling this entanglement of freight cars apart. The derailment occurred when a rail broke on a feeder line of the Chicago and North Western at the north edge of Council Bluffs.

Lakeside Pileup: A piggyback trailer, full of hams, lies on its side only feet away from the pond in Lakeside Park at the north edge of Council Bluffs. The boxcar above is lying on another freight car, behind the trailer. The eight-car derailment…
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