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Dodge_Index Book 7.pdf
General Dodge Papers - Book 6 Index

Typescripts of originals housed at the State Historical Society of Iowa.

With a wide grin, William M. Jeffers looks up while inspecting this "magnificent" iron lung which was presented to him at the banquet in his honor at the Ak-Sar-Ben coliseum, Saturday evening. He will later present it to a Salt Lake City hospital.

U.P.'s William M. Jeffers . . . "greatest railroader alive."

President of the Union Pacific railroad is William M. Jeffers, who started railroading with the Union Pacific as a messenger and call boy at North Platte, Neb. Later he was progressively named telegrapher, clerk, chief dispatcher at North Platte,…

This air photo, looking eastward, shows the newest industrial development area in - and adjoining - the Iowa-Nebraska River Industrial Park (INRIP) in Southwest Council Bluffs. (1) This is the six-acre tract purchased for the $400,000 expansion for…

Union Pacific Railroad trackage now serves the Iowa-Nebraska River Industrial Park in the Southwest part of Council Bluffs. Peavey Elevator Co. can be seen in the background.

Changing_Scene_1954_2_4_1954_005.jpg trains use the modern steel Union Pacific Railroad Bridge at approximately the same location. The bridge is above the reach of high water and boats pass underneath as they travel both up and down the deeper Missouri River.

Today...diesel locomotives like this switch engine in the Union Pacific yard move smoothly across millions of miles of U.S. tracks. Burning of oil has cut down on coal consumption to the point where cinders are becoming scarce for city streets. …

A major attraction of UP's Golden Spike Centennial Expo Train that will visit Council Bluffs Sept. 26-27-28 is the colorful Expo car. It houses 19 displays telling the story of the building of the railroad from the earliest surveys right up to the…

On May 10th, 1869, the last spike . . a Golden Spike . . was driven and America was united by the transcontinental Pacific Railway. The Union Pacific's locomotive No. 119 and the Central Pacific's "Jupiter" inched together, finally touching nose to…

Sketch Of Plans . . . for the Golden Spike monument. The drawing at left shows how the Junior Chamber of Commerce will beautify the grounds. The sketch at right is a perspective of the monument.

Golden Spike Monument . . . commemorates completion of the first transcontinental railroad.

In preparation for the "Union Pacific" motion picture, Cecil De Mille did a great deal of research work, necessarily. His delving into history took him into the old Harper magazine, and he is shown here with the star of the picture, Barbara Stanwyck,…
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