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Bridge Work . . . continues through the winter months on the relocation of Highway 34 south of Glenwood. The highway is being rerouted around Glenwood to Interstate Highway 29 through the bluffs south of town. Most of the grading for the project has…

The new Highway 34 Expressway from Glenwood to Interstate Highway 29 was busy with traffic Saturday following its official dedication Friday. The highway's dedication was also part of "Pioneer Days" in Glenwood.

Gayle Gosnell: Council Bluffs Woman Disappeared After Being Granted Recent Furlough

Gayle Jeane Gosnell: Re-arrested in Oklahoma after having disappeared on furlough Aug. 18.

A residence building at Glenwood State Hospital School
June 6, 1976

The 250-acre campus of Glenwood State Hospital-School has undergone several changes in recent years, mainly through the replacement and addition of new buildings.

Marching Band . . . poses with instructor Warren Darrah, right, in gym at Glenwood State School-Hospital. The group will give a concert in Des Moines later this month.

Razing Operations . . . on old administration building call for the right portion to be cleared away within two weeks.

Oldest Structure . . . on the Glenwood State School grounds is being torn down to make room for a new two-story employee's dormitory. view is from window of new administration building.

Administration Building at Glenwood State Hospital School November 27, 1964

Old 'Chapel' Hall . . . featuring attractive wooden beams and light globes was an important part of the building during the days it served as a school.

A Campus Mall . . . accessible to handicapped residents was completed two years ago, as part of an eight-year plan to bring the Glenwood State Hospital School up to state standards. A street was closed to build the pedestrian area.

The body of David E. Rickabaugh, 35, of Sidney, Iowa, one of two men shot and killed in Glenwood Friday afternoon, lies on the street outside the residence of Sheila C. Horsman, as a photographer from the state Department of Criminal Investigation…

Merchants along the Courthouse Square in Glenwood are "as competitive as they can be" said Don Bruce, president of the Glenwood Chamber of Commerce. Earlier this year, there was only one empty storefront on the square.
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