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The Pride Of Its Day . . . was this barn complex on the Hopkins farm south of Council Bluffs. Hopkins had hoped to make another fortune raising the finest livestock in the country. The Missouri River finally mired his empire and he moved to Colorado…

The Large Crew . . . required to keep the herds of hogs fed were housed in "the bunkhouse," which later burned down.

The Ranch Manager . . . J.S. Cusak and his family lived in this house on the ranch. Cusak was assistant director of the venture.

Water Tank . . . on the Hopkins ranch was kept white and shiny by some of the crew. Powerhouse was at the base of tower.

Towering Walnut Trees . . . shaded the comfortable hideaway of Mr. and Mrs. Berne Hopkins south of Council Bluffs. The three-story log cabin was left over from the Omaha Trans-Mississippi Exposition of 1898 and was moved to the site by Ben Marks,…

The Historic Log House . . . south of Council Bluffs between 1907 and 1918 sported a small herd of elk (almost hidden in this photo in clump of trees at left). The house, a left-over from the Trans Mississippi Exposition, has a colorful background.

Fruitful Family Tree . . . . is displayed by Mrs. Earl Hodges, Magnolia. It contains more than 500 names on its limbs and twigs, the result of 20 years work by Earl and Abbie Hodges.
Earl A. Hodges . . . planted the seed.
Earl W. Hodges . . .…

The new Highway 34 Expressway from Glenwood to Interstate Highway 29 was busy with traffic Saturday following its official dedication Friday. The highway's dedication was also part of "Pioneer Days" in Glenwood.

Intersection . . . of relocated Highway 34 (center) and Highway 71 to right and left has been the scene of several accidents.

Town Jail . . . at Henderson, scheduled for the wrecker's hammer six years ago, still stands.

Old Jail . . . and poll tax collection center at Henderson have been sold by the Town Council. The jail will be torn down and a lumber firm will use the other building for storage.

New Addition Of A Narthex . . . at St. John's Lutheran Church of rural Hastings is to be featured in special services there Sunday. The Rev. R.E. Bloemker, the church's pastor, is standing in the foreground.

Presenting The Plaque . . . to Rev. John Crosswhite is Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. the plaque, symbolic of the Hastings United Methodist Church's winning the 1979 Award from Guideposts Magazine, is engraved with the words: "Presented to the…
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