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Merchants along the Courthouse Square in Glenwood are "as competitive as they can be" said Don Bruce, president of the Glenwood Chamber of Commerce. Earlier this year, there was only one empty storefront on the square.

Glenwood's Clock Tower . . . has long been a dominate figure near the Mills County Courthouse here. It is a source of community pride as well as being an unofficial symbol of the city.

Making Plans . . . for the future of Glenwood are Mayor Dale Harper; Dave Snow, executive vice president of the Glenwood Chamber of Commerce; Leon Wendt, Chamber of Commerce president; and Eugene Nasalroad, Glenwood Community School superintendent.…

The Public Library . . . at Glenwood is scheduled for a major facelift next spring in conjunction with the renovation of the downtown Glenwood business district. Built in the early 1900s, the library is made of two different colored bricks but the…
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