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Bridges R355b.tif
Photograph of a train crossing a railroad bridge across the Missouri River.

Houses O886.tif
Photograph of the Otto house on Vine St. Man with two young girls in front. Note on back says "called Miller House".

Business O247.tif
Oberne, McDaneld & Co. hides, wool and furs. East side of Main and 5th

Hotels K545b.tif
Reproduction of a photograph of Kiel's Hotel.

Hotels K545a.tif
Reproduction of a photograph of Kiel's Hotel on South Main.

Business J338a.tif
Photograph of J. B. Atkins, druggist. Millinery shop to right. Broadway opposite Bryant

Business C437b.tif
Charles J. Beckman Leather & Saddlery. 4th street and Broadway. Goods and unidentified men in front.

Genealogy C437w.tiff
Engraved portrait of Charles E. Walters

Aerial B573b.tif
Photographic reproduction of the engraving of the Birdseye view of Council Bluffs.

Business A653.tif
Photograph of A. M. Jackson & Co. with horse drawn wagon & group of unidentified men in front.
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