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Today...The Union Pacific Mail Terminal has taken on a streamlined appearance, having lost it's [sic] upper story in remodeling. it is still a mighty busy place, handling an ever increasing volume of mail from the many railroads that converge at the…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene: The old Union Pacific Transfer Depot and Tenth Ave. and Twenty-first St. was a busy place at the time this picture was made. Not only mail was transferred in the open sheds at left, but cross-country passengers as…

Today...diesel locomotives like this switch engine in the Union Pacific yard move smoothly across millions of miles of U.S. tracks. Burning of oil has cut down on coal consumption to the point where cinders are becoming scarce for city streets. …

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--This is one of the early "Iron Horses" that chugged into Council Bluffs as the city became a leading railroad point shortly before the turn of the century. The billowing black smoke and the old fashioned "coal car"…

Pacific Junction is becoming the end of the line for many of the Burlington Railroad's old steam locomotives which have been crowded off the road by modern diesel units. The steamers are brought to the marshalling yards at Pacific Junction where…

Vacated By The Railroad...this section of the Burlington Freight Depot will be a leased to a local concern for warehouse storage.

1-Simons Print - 1st temp bridge  between C.B. and Omaha.tif
Consists of drawings made by Simons during railroad survey projects in Iowa and Nebraska beginning in 1853.

First temporary bridge between Council Bluffs and Omaha and the first train of cars crossing, Winter 1867.

Memorial S743.tif
Postcard. Steam Engine Memorial. 39th and West Broadway Council Bluffs.

Railroads U556b.tif
Union Pacific Railroad Steam Engine. Northern Class Steam Locomotive. Built in 1937 for freight and passenger service. Renumbered from 844.

WWI T457.tif
Postcard of the Dodge Light Guards arriving in Brownsville, Texas.

Workers Investigate...the best method of pulling this entanglement of freight cars apart. The derailment occurred when a rail broke on a feeder line of the Chicago and North Western at the north edge of Council Bluffs.

Lakeside Pileup: A piggyback trailer, full of hams, lies on its side only feet away from the pond in Lakeside Park at the north edge of Council Bluffs. The boxcar above is lying on another freight car, behind the trailer. The eight-car derailment…

Postcard of a miniature train at Lake Manawa.

Three postcards depicting the Illinois Central Station.

Postcard of Chicago & Northwestern Depot, Council Bluffs, IA

Great Burlington Route - Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R.R. Grand Passenger Station at Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Bridges R355b.tif
Photograph of a train crossing a railroad bridge across the Missouri River.

Bridges R355a.tif
Photograph of a train crossing the Missouri River.

Railroads T735.tif
Photograph of a train at Union Pacific Transfer carrying troops from Council Bluffs, IA on their way the Philippines.
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