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Today...the scene looking west on First Avenue, from Main Street, shows many changes. The "horsepower" is now confined to automobiles and trucks. Hotel Chieftain has replaced the old Grand Hotel, which burned more than 39 years ago. Some buildings…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene: The old Union Pacific Transfer Depot and Tenth Ave. and Twenty-first St. was a busy place at the time this picture was made. Not only mail was transferred in the open sheds at left, but cross-country passengers as…

Today...the Hotel Chieftain, which replaced the Gran Hotel at First Ave. and Pearl St., is observing its 30th anniversary. The Chieftain is typical of building changes over the period of years, giving a modern look to the city.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene: This is the Grand Hotel, as it is pictured on a postcard dated 1915. The hotel burned in 1925, along with several other buildings in the 100 block on Pearl St. This picture is from a postal card collection of Arthur…

Today...the Elks Club is still at its original site. The Hotel Chieftain, which is observing its thirtieth anniversary this year has replaced the Grand Hotel. The Grand Hotel and building across Pearl Street burned in 1925. Within the last 43…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--a popular spot in the late 1800s was the Tremont House, at Ninth St. and Broadway, on the northwest corner. Sign on the front reads "Meals 25 cents." This old print was found by Fred Brunow in the attic of a home he…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--This is Bechtele's European Hotel as it stood at 336-338 W. Broadway, around 1885. A hand card on the hotel reads "Streetcars pass the door to and from all trains." Broadway was a dirt road. This old picture belongs…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--The Grand Hotel and First Ave. and Pearl St., said to be the finest hotel in the West at its opening in 1891, burned to the ground in a million dollar fire in 1925. Sketch was made by Gail Connelly, 3325 Ave. B. from an…

This is the Council Bluffs Mail Terminal as it appear in 1887, when it was known as the Union Pacific Transfer. A hotel, one of the finest in the nation, was housed in the three-story brick building. It was patronized largely by railroad workers…

Photograph of the Ogden Hotel. Southeast corner of Park Avenue and Broadway. Built in 1876.

Photograph of Hotel Manawa. Twenty-four rooms. Burned down in 1894.

Council Bluffs Illustrated 1887 OCR.pdf
I book of photographs of Council Bluffs buildings. Includes schools, banks, homes, parks, streets, and other landmarks. Published by Miller & Watters, Letter Press and Binders.

The Old Neumeyer House...just west of Second Street and Broadway has been a hotel since it was built in 1879 by Oscar Neumeyer. The structure originally had 88 rooms, a dining and bar areas on the ground floor and a stable in the rear. The lower…

Bluffs Hotel
208 W. Broadway
Closed 1/67

On Ornate Main Stairway...from second to third floor of Bluffs Hotel are Robert and William Knox. The trim of the stairway is walnut. There was no elevator service in the building.

The Bluffs Hotel...really took care of its guests in its hey-day.

Fire Department Grand Hotel 1925.tif
Photographs of the Grand Hotel fire.

Clara Arnold's School527.tif
23 color slides of the interior and exterior of the Ogden Hotel. Taken from June, 1966 to July, 1967.

Hotels P335b.tif
Photograph of Pacific House hotel, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Hotels G736c.tif
Postcard of the Grand Hotel Council Bluffs
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