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Gregory Reeder City Engineer Highway System 1-23-1993 Photo 1.jpg
Photography of Gregory Reeder standing by the interstate. From the files of the Daily Nonpareil, featured in the attached article.

Gregory Reeder City Engineer Photo 2.jpg
Photograph of City Engineer Greg Reeder from the files of the Daily Nonpareil.

Gregory Reeder City Engineer Photo 1.jpg
Photograph of Greg Reeder, City Engineer of Council Bluffs from the files of the Daily Nonpareil.

Fire Department William Grote.tif
Photograph of Council Bluffs firefighter William Grote.

Henning M879b.tiff
Photograph of Mrs. Frank Henning


Photograph of people on top of a carriage. List of names on back.

Genealogy A787.tiff
Photograph of Art Rogers.


Dodge, Grenville P221a.tif
Engraving of General Grenville Dodge.

Inez Lewis Bregant I549g.tif
Photograph of Jean Bregant

Bloomer D498d.tif
Photograph of Dexter Bloomer

Bloomer A445.tif
Photograph of Amelia and Dexter Bloomer

Portrait of Inez (Mrs. Jean) Bregant in a kimono.
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