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Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Near the end of the 1800's, this picture was taken on Main Street, looking south from First Avenue. The occasion was the parade of the Gentry Dog and Pany Show. posters noted the price at 15 and 25 cents. At top left…

Today...looking south on Main Street from Willow Avenue , the city hall, extreme right, predominates the scene. The old livery building, center is used as a warehouse, and the old McAtee grocery is a county office building.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--In the early part of the century the Bluff City Laundry, located a 22 North Main St., used a fleet of horse and wagons for delivery service with the help of one truck. Building at right was the second location of the…

Today...the same location is occupied by three different businesses, including two in comparatively new buildings. The building at right is the same with considerable remodeling. It's now a servce [sic]] station. Center building is an automotive…

Today...Radio Station KSWI, left, and the Nonpareil occupy the site of the two burned buildings. The Nonpareil Court provides a drive between the two present structures. The Moose Lodge occupies the former Nonpareil building at the right. In the…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--In 1923, fire destroyed the Rogers building on the left and the Brown block, center. The old Nonpareil building is on extreme right. The picture was taken on the Main St. side of the block between Willow and First…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Back in 1886 a man by the name of Harry Schmidt was operating this photography gallery at 220 S. Main St. Later Schmidt moved closer to the center of town. Owner of the picture, Mrs. Marie Kern, 600 Third St., says…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--The old Citizens State Bank was one of five banks available to Southwest Iowans in 1889. It stood on the corner of Main St. and First Ave. in what was known as the Shugart-Beno block. Other offices in the building…

Today...there have been additions and deletions. The grocery warehouse has become the Morphy Drug Co. and a parking lot occupies the spot where the other two brick buildings were located. Magarrell and Co., heating contractors, fill the spots used…

Looking up Main Street toward Broadway this was the picture in 1887. Groneweg and Schoentgen were wholesale grocers. other businesses occupied the two buildings immediately north of the grocery warehouse. The wooden building with the horse tied in…

Citizens in derby hats and high button shoes stood stiffly in front of the old First National Bank in this 1887 picture. The Kimball and Champ Building stood at the corner of Main St. and Broadway. The First National was one of the earliest city…

In 1887, the junction of Main and Pearl Streets looked like this. The little building that looks like a popcorn stand was the city scales. There were hitching posts along the streets and all wiring was suspended on cross-arm poles. There were…

Photograph of the West Side of Main Street. Three story building in foreground is the only one still standing. Occupied for many years by E. H. Lougee & Co.

Photograph of the Shugart-Beno Block. Northwest corner of First Avenue and Main Street. Burned December 3, 1925.

Photograph of junction of Main and Pearl Streets. North view from present Hay Market Square.

Photograph of East side of Main Street. View north from Willow Avenue.

ca 1930 ?
on back of photo: "Broadway looking east form Main to Fourth Streets". Herman's Clothes Shop is on the corner.

Fire Fighters - Central Block Bldg 515-517 S. Main 7-5-1964.tif
Photograph of building fire at 515-517 S. Main.

25-27 N Main.tif
Two photographs of Gold Bond Gifts at 25 - 27 North Main

21 N Main.tif
Two photographs of Eagles Lodge - 21 North Main
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