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Highway commission employees erect signs proclaiming the good news of the completion of a segment of Interstate 29 from the I-480 bridge to North Sixteenth Street. The new section, to open Friday, will allow I-29 and U.S. 75 traffic to bypass busy…

Discussing Highways . . . in Southwest Iowa are District Engineer Robert Given and Highway Commissioner Everett Shockey with legislators Rep. Scherle, Sen. Shoeman, Sen. Hoxie, Rep. Ossian, Sen. Wearin, all seated; Rep. Kluever, Rep. McElroy, …

Workmen Remove Barricades . . . to open the Broadway bypass, thereby saving motorists 10 minutes on trips to and from Omaha. This photo was taken at Thirty-sixth Street and Broadway and looks west.

Progress on the Highway 375 bridge resurfacing project is inspected by Maurice Pearce, Public Works director and Leo Rechtenbach, job superintendent for Hobe Construction Co., of Sioux City. Workmen have removed about three-fourths of the old…

The South Omaha Bridge will be closed until sometime next spring while major maintenance work progresses. Superintendent George Grower of Eby Construction Co., said the job includes replacement of about 2100 feet of decking, a 1 1/2-inch coat of…

Biggest Single Job . . . on the Highway 2-275 construction project is the building of a box culvert to replace a bridge across a ravine south of Sydney.

Among A Dozen . . . small jobs that make the 3.2 mile project a bustling scene is this concrete culvert near the junction with Highway 42.

One more gap in the Interstate Highway system around Council Bluffs was eliminated Friday as I-29 between Ninth Avenue and North Sixteenth Street was opened to traffic. Traffic may now skirt by Council Bluffs on the north and proceed to the East…

The Iowa Highway Commission has approved a stop sign arrangement for the intersection of Highways 275, 92 and 375 in southeast Council Bluffs. East-west traffic will not be required to stop while north-south traffic will stop. Construction of the…

Work Is Progressing . . . on the rebuilding of the Highway 92-375 intersection. Kenneth Mc Donell, job foreman for Dugdale Construction of Omaha, said they are now using a "Clairey," a machine that rolls out the bumps in fresh concrete. Iowa Highway…

Surveying Highway 375 . . . near High St. is a Highway Commission crew led by Leo Rodenburg, left. Robert Cook of Nevada operates the transit.

Interstate 80 . . . winds from the bluffs overlooking Loveland to an interchange with Interstate 29. Bridge in foreground is the new Interstate 29 overpass and east section of that bridge will be open next week. Bridge in center takes Illinois…

Erecting Plaque . . . on Interstate Highway 29 are Arden Mulvania and Jack Richardson. The Iowa Highway Commission employees did the work on their own time.

From North Sixteenth Street . . . the twin lanes of Interstate 29 jog alongside the Missouri River to approximately Thirty-seventh Street and Avenue G, where they curve south. You are looking southwest. Converging lanes in the foreground form the…

This massive aerial photo, with the Council Bluffs Interstate super-imposed, will be on display at Carrier Hall in The Nonpareil Bldg. until 9 p.m. Tuesday and for several evenings thereafter. Miss Margaret Adams of Neola, an employee at the United…

Airport Exchange . . . will link two Interstate highways. This view, pointing northeast, shows Interstate 29 running across the bottom of the photo. Interstate 80 heads up Mosquito Creek Valley. The center of the interchange is about 1,000 feet north…

Pondering Plans . . . for a modernized Highway 64 are Clarence Russell of Weston, Raymond Kassell of Ames, Ralph Beck of Underwood and R.M. Terry of Weston.
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