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Among A Dozen . . . small jobs that make the 3.2 mile project a bustling scene is this concrete culvert near the junction with Highway 42.

A Drug Abuse Center . . . serving nine counties in Southwest Iowa may be housed in the old Hamburg Community Hospital at Hamburg. The 26-bed hospital has been vacant since the new hospital, Grape Memorial, was occupied.

Proposed Hospital . . . and extended treatment center at Hamburg as seen by the architect. The facility initially will include 40 beds in the hospital wing and 40 beds in the treatment center.

Going Up In Hamburg . . . is a combination Legion Hall and bowling lanes. And gathered on this Main Street corner are some of the men responsible for Hamburg's growth - Jack Douglas, Dick Dugan, John Gottsche and Miller Payne.

Filling Gas Tank . . . at "peacetime" prices is Simon Barrett, who has been selling gasoline at the edge of Hamburg for 16 years.

In Hamburg Home . . . are Mrs. Charles Doiel and two of her seven children - Debby and Mary.

Good Cold Spring Water . . . flows from this pipe year around at Hamburg.

This Pioneer Home . . . in Hamburg has been purchased by the Methodist Church.

Only Remaining Evidence . . . of the early French settlement which preceded Hamburg is this headstone from a cemetery long since farmed over.

The Name Of Gottsche . . . has run through the history of Hamburg for 98 of its 100 years. Pioneer head of the clan was John, in the picture, and more recently William, right, his son John, and presently, Steve and Karen.

Flood's Over, Huh?: The recent flood in Mills and Fremont counties may be gone but the water lingers on in many sections of the river bottom. Taken this week, this picture of the Newell Lorimor farm home east of Bartlett reveals why the 'moving back'…

Flood-Soaked Soybeans . . . stored in this metal bin on the Claude Robertson farm have literally blown the bin apart. Several other metal bins, including a quonset building holding several thousand bushels of shelled corn, have started to bulge and…

A Tense Moment . . . results when Fremont County sheriff, Al Christopher, in white hat, advises group of Bartlett residents that their town will be flooded.

Shelves Are Emptied . . . in the Bartlett general store by owners Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ware after news of impending flood danger is received.
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