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Re-opening of the South Omaha Bridge, closed for major repairs about a year, will probably be opened about July 1, W.D. Hattan, district construction engineer for the Nebraska Department of Roads, said Friday. Deck work is nearing completion, and…

Closed since the middle of April, the South Omaha Bridge has been undergoing major repairs with new surfacing on the deck plus cleaning and painting. Highways 92 and 275 have been detoured until the work is complete. Job Supt. George Grower of Ely…

The South Omaha Bridge will be closed until sometime next spring while major maintenance work progresses. Superintendent George Grower of Eby Construction Co., said the job includes replacement of about 2100 feet of decking, a 1 1/2-inch coat of…

Checking Placement . . . of steel reinforcement before concrete is poured is George Brower, project supervisor.

Iron Workers . . . Conia Halterman, Route 4, and Paul Hodges, Omaha, perform welding chores on expansion channels for the South Omaha Bridge resurfacing project.

Work continues Friday on the South Omaha Bridge where employees of the Eby Construction Company of Omaha have been contracted by the State of Nebraska to resurface and paint the span. Work began six weeks ago and Supervisor George Brower says it will…
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