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Another view . . . of the Interchange site shows the Mormon Trail (parked cars) approaching the new highway from the west. The angle formed by the junction is currently one of the busiest spots in the Interstate project. Machines and men are working…

On The Way To Bellevue, Neb. . . . motorists traveling west on Highway 370 south of Council Bluffs will pass over this soon-to-be-completed bridge. Interstate 29, that will eventually link Kansas City and points south with Council Bluffs, will run…

Growing Interchange . . . of Interstate 480 has changed the topography of Council Bluffs near the Missouri River. The earthen hills in the center will support lanes of traffic above ground level; to their left are piers for four overpasses. Other…

Workmen Remove Barricades . . . to open the Broadway bypass, thereby saving motorists 10 minutes on trips to and from Omaha. This photo was taken at Thirty-sixth Street and Broadway and looks west.

This massive aerial photo, with the Council Bluffs Interstate super-imposed, will be on display at Carrier Hall in The Nonpareil Bldg. until 9 p.m. Tuesday and for several evenings thereafter. Miss Margaret Adams of Neola, an employee at the United…

From North Sixteenth Street . . . the twin lanes of Interstate 29 jog alongside the Missouri River to approximately Thirty-seventh Street and Avenue G, where they curve south. You are looking southwest. Converging lanes in the foreground form the…

Airport Exchange . . . will link two Interstate highways. This view, pointing northeast, shows Interstate 29 running across the bottom of the photo. Interstate 80 heads up Mosquito Creek Valley. The center of the interchange is about 1,000 feet north…

Manmade Peninsula . . . extends into the Missouri River to allow workmen to work on piers for the new Interstate Highway Bridge between Council Bluffs and Omaha. The pier at the end of the sand jetty is the only one in the river. Four are in various…

Shaking On Agreement . . . to cooperate in Interstate Bridge construction are L.M. Clauson and John Hossack. Nebraska Gov. Frank Morrison, second from left, and Iowa Gov. Harold Hughes look on.

Temporary End Of The Line . . . for the North Sixteenth Street paving is the Illinois Central Railroad track (alongside poles). Dotted lines show the approximate route the road will take north to link up with an Interstate Highway interchange, which…

From The Opposite End . . . of town the business section looks like this. The east-west Interstate Highway, when it comes, will cut across the present Highway 75 a short distance beyond the point where the truck is seen entering town.

The Business District . . . of Loveland consists of five establishments along one and one-half blocks of Highway 75. Trees at far right obscure the residential section.

This aerial photograph of Council Bluffs shows the route of the Interstate Highway System (heavy black lines) as it affects the area west of Sixteenth Street. In the center of the picture is the major interchange that will carry traffic between…

The Tentative Route . . . of the proposed Interstate Highway through west Council Bluffs is shown by dotted lines. The "X" indicates the point where a new park was to be located.
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