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Interstate 80 . . . winds from the bluffs overlooking Loveland to an interchange with Interstate 29. Bridge in foreground is the new Interstate 29 overpass and east section of that bridge will be open next week. Bridge in center takes Illinois…

Part of the improvement program underway on Highway 64 between Council Bluffs and Neola is the relocation of a short section of the highway at the top of Canning Hill. The curve in the present paving will be eliminated and a new, straight section of…

'Cowpath' Shoulders . . . are being widened west of Neola as preparation for the new surfacing of "the roughest road between here and Florida."

Pondering Plans . . . for a modernized Highway 64 are Clarence Russell of Weston, Raymond Kassell of Ames, Ralph Beck of Underwood and R.M. Terry of Weston.
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