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Aerial photo of Lewis Central school, looking north.

By Christmas, Concrete Pavement . . . will have inched its way along Interstate 80 (2) from Highway 375 (1) onto the approaches (3) to twin spans across the Rock Island Railroad piggy-back yards. The overpasses will link I-80 to I-29.

Three employees of the Iowa Highway Commission wait at the intersection of Interstate 80 and Highway 375 for other crews to finish scraping ice from the interstate segment, which is scheduled to be opened Friday noon between the intersection and old…

Re-opening of the South Omaha Bridge, closed for major repairs about a year, will probably be opened about July 1, W.D. Hattan, district construction engineer for the Nebraska Department of Roads, said Friday. Deck work is nearing completion, and…

After being closed to traffic since February, the Highway 375 bridge over Mosquito Creek was recently opened thus avoiding a pair of roundabout detours. The smoothly resurfaced bridge with new aluminum rails and new deck cost $190,000.

Iron Workers . . . Conia Halterman, Route 4, and Paul Hodges, Omaha, perform welding chores on expansion channels for the South Omaha Bridge resurfacing project.

Work continues Friday on the South Omaha Bridge where employees of the Eby Construction Company of Omaha have been contracted by the State of Nebraska to resurface and paint the span. Work began six weeks ago and Supervisor George Brower says it will…

The Highway 375 Bridge is slated for reopening in about mid-May, said Leo Rechtenbach, job superintendent for Hobe Construction Co. of Sioux City. Workers have poured most of the new paving and are preparing to place the new aluminum side rails. The…

Progress on the Highway 375 bridge resurfacing project is inspected by Maurice Pearce, Public Works director and Leo Rechtenbach, job superintendent for Hobe Construction Co., of Sioux City. Workmen have removed about three-fourths of the old…

Public Works Director Maurice Pearce . . . views one of the two bridges on Highway 375 which, according to engineers, is in need of repairs. In the distance is the bridge which carries traffic over several sets of railroad tracks and a portion of…

The Iowa Highway Commission has approved a stop sign arrangement for the intersection of Highways 275, 92 and 375 in southeast Council Bluffs. East-west traffic will not be required to stop while north-south traffic will stop. Construction of the…

Surveying Highway 375 . . . near High St. is a Highway Commission crew led by Leo Rodenburg, left. Robert Cook of Nevada operates the transit.

Today...Mosquito Creek, photographed from the same spot, has taken on a new look. Up stream is the Highway 375 overhead bridge. The high levees and widened creek channel were built by the Corps of Engineers in 1948.
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