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Conferring On "Vice" Probe . . . are County Atty. Matt Walsh and Robert E. Beebe, special assistant attorney general.

Arrested In Vice Raid . . . Waiting to be booked at police station following vice raid in Council Bluffs by state agents early Sunday are, left to right: Walter Jenkins, his wife, Patricia, Alvis Brock and Mary Oylar. With back to camera is Police…

Safety Commissioner Clinton Moyer (left) . . . confers with R.W. (Doc) Nebergall at hotel headquarters here.

First Through The U.P. Underpass . . . is the Thomas Jefferson High School Band. The Abraham Lincoln High School Band also participated in the Interstate 29 dedication and opening ceremonies Wednesday afternoon. This section completes Interstate…

Traffic on the Interstate 80 bridge is narrowed to one lane each way while contractors grind quarter-inch grooves in the bridge deck. The grooves will be covered later with a high density concrete that will last longer. When these two lanes are…

Workmen for Cramer Brothers Construction Co. of Des Moines work in their undershirts Tuesday as forming for the concrete deck of the new Interstate Highway 80 bridge got under way. Supt. Harold Tompkins said they expect to start pouring concrete in…

A gap of about 200 feet remains to be closed for completion of the steel frame for the new Interstate Highway 80 bridge, said Gerald Rainwater, superintendent for John F. Beasley Company of Texas, erection contractor. "We hope to close the gap by…

Drilling into rock about 106 feet below the river, men and machines for Tri-States Drilling Co. are nearing completion of the caissons under pier 9 for the Spring Street Interstate 80 bridge. All other piers with the exception of number 8 in…

Paving crews for Dugdale Construction Co. of Omaha are pouring concrete paving on Interstate 80 Highway west from Highway 192 to the Spring Street Bridge now being built across the Missouri River. The $2.5 million paving project will be completed…

The concrete deck for the Interstate 80 bridge over Highway 375 near South Avenue will be ready to pour in about two weeks, a spokesman for Cramer Brothers Construction of Des Moines said Friday. Crews are now pouring spacer joints between the…

Interstate Highway 80 Is Open . . . from Neola south to Highway 375 in Council Bluffs. Iowa Highway Commission crews remove barricades at the Interstate highway's intersection with Highway 6, northeast of Council Bluffs.

The Neola Turnoff Sign . . . marks point near the end of the new I-80, to be completed soon. Neola is at left of highway.
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