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Showing The Signs . . . of its sandblasting in the late 1970s, Harrison County Courthouse looks like new. The concrete and steel building is faced with Bedford limestone and topped with a 78-foot dome.

Concealing Its Age . . . is the Pottawattamie County Sub-Courthouse in Avoca. The brick building's construction predates the county's earliest records of it from 1885.

An Old Marshal's Book . . . from 1869 makes interesting reading for Tim Mathisen, 8, son of Mr. and Mrs. Don Mathisen of Crescent. Tim helped move 300 such books while his father and other men hefted many more to save the history of Pottawattamie…

The Old And The New . . . is displayed by Myron Allerton, past president of the Historical Society of Pottawattamie County. The original DeSmet plaque was dedicated in 1934 but was lost during the 1940s. Suddenly last week, the old plaque reappeared…

Contest Chairman Steve Purington . . . presents a metal detector to Tim Peterson, 13, who designed the winning historical emblem for the Historical Society of Pottawattamie County.

Earl Williams . . . director of Walnut Hill Cemetery, looks at one of two boulders in the cemetery for safekeeping. They are historical monuments looking for a home.

Hunting History . . . David Hall and Robert Kennedy check notes on the Sylvester home with Mrs. John Crookham.

The Thomas E. Cavin House at 150 Park Ave. was recently designated a historic place.

The Martin Hughes House, 903 Third St., joined the list of Council Bluffs historical sites.

Examining Fireplace . . . in the house's formal parlor, Pashek points out its cleanliness. Either the fireplace was never used, he said, or someone scrubbed it carefully after each fire. House has only two fireplaces, but Pashek said traces of others…

Showing Off . . . his historic home is Robert A. Pashek. He and two other men are restoring the "Victorian Gothic" house at 151 Park Avenue built in 1877 for Council Bluffs businessman Lysander W. Tulleys. Their efforts were rewarded recently when…

Sitting By . . . one of three fireplaces in her restored historic home is Carole Bergquist. The fireplace is tall, mirrored and made of cherrywood. It is decorated with glassware and houseplants.

Newest Listing . . . on the National Register of Historic Places is the O.P. Wickham house, 616 N. 7th St., which has been restored by Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bergquist during the three years they have lived there.

Hoping For Fortune . . . similar to that which has befallen the old YMCA building is this home at 151 Park Ave. The building, owned by Bob Pashek, is currently under consideration for the National Register of Historic Places. The owner dressed the…

Damaged House . . . is said to have been built by Mormons more than 100 years ago as a stagecoach stop.

The 26-room, three-story house at 120 So. 6th St., was being wrecked Thursday to make way for the new office of Robert Swassing, accountant, who has purchased the property from the Dr. McMicken Hanchett estate. The house has been unoccupied, except…

Graceful White Pillars . . . distinguish the home at 201 Third St., owned by Mr. and Mrs. Everett Shockey. The motif of the columns on the exterior is carried into the hallway and to the living room fireplace of the home. Grouped around the unusual…

A Majestic Stairway . . . is only one of the exciting features in the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Joern, 510 Oakland Ave. Pictured in the white oak reception hall are (from left) Mrs. Joern, Mrs. I.M Ozaydin, Miss Garnet Welsch, Mrs. Carl Blomgren…
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