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Showing The Signs . . . of its sandblasting in the late 1970s, Harrison County Courthouse looks like new. The concrete and steel building is faced with Bedford limestone and topped with a 78-foot dome.

Visitors . . .could speak to prisoners through this barred window in the door at the Harrison County jail. Three modern visitation booths now allow prisoners to speak with friends and relatives.

A Rifle, Lamps And Old Chairs . . . set off the fireplace in the old log cabin at the Harrison County Historical Village. Preston Niles, creator of the village, had the entire cabin moved from his farm near Ames to near Missouri Valley in 1937 to…

One Of The Largest Bells . . . in western Iowa sits near the end of the village in front of a miniature church containing pews and pulpit of a pioneer church. A corn museum, jail and a school built in 1868 stand behind the church.

Putting The Cover . . . on an original covered wagon in the village's newest building are Agnes Yutesler, Lucille Latta and Preston Niles, who began the village more than 30 years ago.

Pioneer Buildings . . . including a stage depot and a county school house are part of the collection at the Harrison County Museum on Highway 30 between Missouri Valley and Logan.

Little Wagon Wheels Chapel . . . contains small pulpit pews from a Linwood country church and the huge bell in front belonged to the old Loveland Methodist Church. In the background stands the post office building with a horse-head hitching post…

A Small Covered Wagon . . . is examined by Historical Society member Mrs. Herbert Herman of Magnolia and Allene Latta, secretary. This small wagon was probably used for business rather than travel, the women said.

Stoking The Fire . . . in appropriate costume is Allene Latta of Logan, secretary of the Historical Society. The one-room school is the West Boyer Valley School, open from 1868 to 1959. One of the most popular buildings, the school is equipped with…

Niles and Kenneth Acrea . . . chairman of a group to form a county historical society to preserve the museum, discuss plans inside the old cabin amid such relics as a spinning wheel, ancient guns and household items.

Preston Niles . . . talks to visitors while standing in front of his "Stage Depot," a log cabin built in 1856 near Ames which he later had moved to form part of his museum at Missouri Valley.
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