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Original Features . . . of the Folsom home are shown in this painting which was made in the 1880s. After the turn of the century, the house was moved closer to Third St. and a number of alterations were completed.

An Inviting Corner . . . of the front parlor is furnished entirely with antiques. These pieces are at least 90 years old.

A Visitor's View . . . of the Ward Folsom home takes in an attractive collection of original oil paintings. This view from the front parlor covers the second parlor and, at the far end, the dining room. The fireplace was added long after the houseā€¦

The Historic Home . . . of Mr. and Mrs. Folsom is the patriarch of all homes along Third St. Built more than a century ago, it dates back to the days when Council Bluffs was a struggling frontier settlement.
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