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In Former Days . . . the main reception room entertained many of the most prominent figures of the nineteenth century - U.S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, William McKinley - to name a few.

Reception Room Today . . . shows little resemblance to the past. Only one piece of the original furniture remains, the long, low buffet with its immense mirror that covered nearly half a wall.

This Famous Home . . . at 605 Third St. still looks much the same on the outside as it did when Gen. Grenville M. Dodge moved in 89 years ago. Now it is an apartment house.

A machinist is performing some metal work during restoration of the Historic Dodge House.

The Historic General Dodge House

Council Bluffs attorney Richard Petersen examines a book from the library of the Historic Dodge House with one of the General's relatives.

A woman admires several Victorian dolls on display at the Historic General Grenville M. Dodge House.

The Historic General Grenville M. Dodge House

Italian Lenci doll from the Historic Dodge House.

Repairing Antique Clocks . . . has become on of (caretaker, Michael) Long's duties in taking care of the Dodge House. Cleaning the inner works of this clock helped it. The clock is on the mantle in General Dodge's library.

In His Free Time . . . (Dodge House caretaker, Michael) Long likes to examine some of the books in General Dodge's library. The picture on the desk is of Mrs. Dodge and the picture on the wall is of General Dodge.

All Plants Need . . . to be green and healthy is "TLC" (tender, loving care), (Dodge House caretaker, Michael) Long said. These plants are set up in the solarium in the Dodge House.

Setting The Grandfather Clock, . . . the Dodge House's most recent acquisition, is tour guide Ethel Stillinger. The 150-year-old cherrywood stands in the back parlor as a memorial to Mrs. Darlene Cutler. Mrs. Cutler was a longtime supporter of the…

Rolling Up Carpet . . . to prepare for waxing of the floors are Dawn Mosher and Myrtle Nichols. This carpet is in the front hall of the Dodge House. The annual cleaning of the Historic General Dodge House on Third Street makes sure that guests for…

Being Returned . . . to their rightful place on the fireplace mantle in the dining room of the Dodge House are candle holders, once part of the original decor at the Dodge family residence. Colleen Juhl, Dodge House director, places the crystal…

Admiring . . . an antique lithoplane lamp is Jack Drew of Omaha. The lamp is a new addition to the Historic General Dodge House. Memorial funds were used to purchase the lamp in honor of Drew's brother, Louis, a long-time contributor to the Dodge…

Placing Napkins . . . in a mannequin's hand, Mrs. James Benecke puts the final touches on one of the scenes for the General's Ladies show. The Dodge House nursery room setting is a "birthday party" in honor of the general's 150th birthday.

Night-time photo of General Grenville M. Dodge house.
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