Historic Homes In C.B.


Historic Homes In C.B.


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Historic Homes In C.B.
Dr. Dean Home Tells Colorful Story Of Past - Like Voiceless Historian January 5, 1958
Out Of The Past January 5, 1958
This Century Old Home January 5, 1958
An Early Sketch January 5, 1958
Massive Kitchen Fireplace January 5, 1958
19th Century Home Is Sprawling, Elaborate - Builder Wanted Finest In Town January 12, 1958
19th Century Survives In 'Nob Hill' Home - Truly A Product Of Early Council Bluffs January 19, 1958
A Blend Of The Past, Comfort Of Present - East Pierce Street Landmark January 26, 1958
Early Era Lives On In Allen Dudley Home - In Same Family Since Built In 1874 February 2, 1958
Clark Avenue Home One Of City's Oldest - Residence Of Mrs. Albert Peterson February 9, 1958
'The Pink House' Is Now In Its 88th Year - Many-Gabled Structure At 803 Third Avenue February 16,, 1958
Oakland Ave. Mansion Built To Last Forever - Made Of Granite Blocks On Three Foot Stone Foundations March 2, 1958
Folsom Home Stirs Echoes Of Early C.B. - Dating Back More Than A Century March 9, 1958
Sentiment Remains In Old Gen. Dodge Home - Now An Apartment House But March 23, 1958
Heritage Homes Of City Open Doors To Public - Fourth Annual AAUW Tour April 19, 1964
Landmark On Way Out April 3, 1969
Former Stage Stopover Damaged By Fire, Smoke December 12, 1969
Old Will Look New - Restore Wickham House November 28, 1976
House Almost A Home August 7, 1977
Hoping For Fortune . . . July 4, 1979
Behind The New Historic Home - O.P. Wickham House On List July 19, 1979
2nd Wickham House Changed July 19, 1979
House Makes History - Register Accepts Tulleys Home November 11, 1979
Old Walker House Here Has Taken On New Life October 14, 1981
C.B. Homes Added To Historical List November 11, 1984
Other Local Historical Sites November 11, 1984


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Historic Homes In C.B.


Council Bluffs, Iowa


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