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Fires F574.tif
Photograph of fire on 500 Block West Broadway. Shows horse drawn fire carts and many spectators.

Fires W346a.tif
Photograph of a Wagon Factory that burned. Ken Greulach took the pictures when he was a kid

Fires O484a.tif
Eight photographs of Omaha's Cable Power house after a fire. January 1899.

Fires T375.tif
Photograph of a Tar Kettle fire on north Main street, Sept. 7, 1900.

01-14-1972 Elder Court Apartments Fire.tif
Photograph of firefighter at Elder Court Apartments fire.

Fire Fighters - 4-15-1972 at 1902 n7th Ave.tif
Asst. Fire Chief Leo Fleming and Fire Chief Norman Elgan search for clues among burned debris from a house at 1902 Seventh Avenue Saturday in which burned to death. The man was identified as Roy Stutleberg, 39.

Fire Fighters - Wigwam Grocery, Cunningham Grocery, Hansen's Pastry Shop 100-104 W Broadway 11-4-1952.tif
Wigwam Grocery, Cunningham Grocery, Hansen's Pastry Shop 100-104 W Broadway.

Fire Department Wickham Bldg Fire 1917 (2).tif
Photograph of the Wickham Building fire.

Fire Department 100.tif
Photographs of unidentified fires in Council Bluffs.

City Electrician L. W. Roper, rear, and Fire Chief Waldo Merrill enter the burned out home of Mrs. Richard M. Allen at 3207 Sixth Ave. after the fire was extinguished. Four of Mrs. Allen's five children died in the blaze Wednesday night. Story on…

Discussing details . . . of the Eilene Allen fund are Mrs. John Tyson, treasurer; the Rev. Antonion Ramirez, president; Mrs. George White, secretary. --Nonpareil Photo.

Roses for mother. . . of the four Allen boys buried Sunday in these white caskets are plucked from the sprays at her request by the Rev. Raymond Lott at the cemetery near Oakland. --Nonpareil Photo.

Swinging Aerial ladder...into position--shortly after 5 a.m.--firemen prepare to pour water on the blazing roof of the Raven Feed Plant elevator. A few moments later Pipeman Early Hanson, atop the ladder, directed a stream of water onto the…

Inspecting 3207 Sixth Avenue where the bodies of the fours children of Mrs. Richard M. Allen were found is Fire Capt. Earl Foster. The young brothers suffocated. Other Nonpareil Photo on page 12.

Engineer F.L. Morris...returns to his train after emptying his fire extinguisher on burning trestle.

02-05-1976 Fire glows 100 %.tif
Photograph of fire at 900 S. 8th St.
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