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CB Schools--Abraham Lincoln High School File #1 to 9/21/84
1205 Bonham Ave.
Named "CB High School" until T.J. built Renamed "A.L." in 1922
New ALHS dedicated 5/26/68
7/13/83 Oklahoma! joint prodcution w/ AL & TJ students see T.J. folder

"One-hundred Years of Progress" is the title of the plaque the Council Bluffs High School Class of 1928 presented Abraham Lincoln Monday night. It commemorates the school's 2100th anniversary and represents the three buildings which housed the high…

The Eastside High School...will appear like this architectural drawing--in about seven years. In the first stage only the wing on the right foreground and a portion of the large wing in the rear will be built.

This model of the first building regularly to be built as a high school for Council Bluffs was constructed by the art classes of Abraham Lincoln high school. The building, located on top of the hill where the Abraham Lincoln athletic field now is…

Photograph of the front of the old Abraham Lincoln High School building at 5th Avenue and Bluff Street

C.B. Schools--Abraham Lincoln High School (Old) 1925
Gerald Kirn

A.L. students...Diane Elgan and Nancy Smith admire the battle-scarred, Civil War cannon recently planted in the new school's courtyard.

This Is Council Bluffs: Eastside Junior High School and its rustic surroundings present this view from the air. That's Bennett Avenue running across the bottom of the photo and Bonham Avenue just left of the school parking lot. At the top center,…

Aerial photo of Lewis Central school, looking north.

The "new school era" is aptly represented by the impressive facilities of Lewis Central. Buildings and grounds are detailed by the aerial camera from a point near Iowa School for the Deaf. Highway 375 extends from left to right across the photo. A…

Aerial photo of St. Albert High School; McPherson Avenue runs across the upper left corner, Gleason Avenue runs from the top center to the right center of the photo.

Woodrow Wilson Junior High School. Twenty-first Street and Avenue H, resembles a neat arrangement of toy building blocks from the air. Hopes at upper left are part of the Phoenix development. At upper right, a string of railroad freight cars is…

aerial photo of Abraham Lincoln High School, looking north from Bennett Avenue and Bonham St. St. Albert High School is in the top of the photo.

Photography of flag being raised at one-room schoolhouse, with signs saying "1873" and "Goldenrod" on the front of the building, which has a cupola with a bell. Large crowd in front of building.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene: Old Pierce Street School is shown as it appeared on a postal card printed about 1910. The original portion of the structure was erected in 1884. Two later additions almost tripled its size. The building was…

Today...a new Bloomer School stands on the site and it stretches much farther west along Willow Avenue than the old building. The playground was extended to take in property formerly occupied by homes. The Eighteenth Amendment has been repealed,…

Today...the board sidewalks have disappeared, along with the original building that houses St. Francis Academy. The corner lot at Fifth Avenue and Seventh St. is a side yard for St. Francis High School, right. At left can be seen a corner of the…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene: This is the St. Francis Academy, as it appeared in the Illustrated Atlas of Pottawattamie County published in 1885. The school, at Fifth Ave. and Seventh St., was founded as a private institution by the Sisters of…
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