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Yearbook (annual) of Underwood High School.

1972 yearbook (annual) of Tri-Center High School

1972 Yearbook (Annual) of Iowa School for the Deaf.

Fire Department Elder Court 1972.tif
Photographs of the Elder Court fire.

Fire Fighters - Home of Robert & Clifford Schultz families, Rte 4 , 4 mi North of C.B..tif
Fire on Route 4, 4 miles North of Council Bluffs near Crescent.

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Fire Fighters - Elder Court Apartments 1-14-1972 (2).tif
Photographs of the Elder Court Apartments fire

Fire Fighters - 275 Club 1-1-1972.tif
Pouring water into the ruins of the 275 Club, 1030 W. South Omaha Bridge Road, are Council Bluffs firefighter and the snorkel unit.

Fire Fighters - 7-27-72.tif
Bud Seaman, yard manager for Cohoe Lumber Co., 25 S. 25th St., surveys the damage caused by a fire.

Fire Fighters - 4-15-1972 at 1902 n7th Ave.tif
Asst. Fire Chief Leo Fleming and Fire Chief Norman Elgan search for clues among burned debris from a house at 1902 Seventh Avenue Saturday in which burned to death. The man was identified as Roy Stutleberg, 39.

Fire Fighters - 3-21-1972 the Stork Club.tif
Inspecting fire damage to the interior of the Stork Club are Ron Evilsizer of Denison, arson investigator for the state fire marshal's office, and Fire Chief Norman Elgan.

Fire Fighters - 1-14-1972 Elder Court Apartments.tif
Unidentified relatives of one of the apartment complex dwellers huddle under the eve of a nearby house with the small bit of clothing they salvaged from the blaze that destroyed the complex.

Firefighters put their weight on hoses at the Elder…

A city fireman pours water into a building at Thirteenth Street and West Broadway under the Broadway Viaduct. Officials say the fire may have been set.

513 W Washington.tif
Three photos of 513 West Washington

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40 N Main.tif
Two photos of building at 40 North Main.

60-68 N Main.tif
Two photographs of 60-68 North Main

50 N Main.tif
Two photographs of 50 North Main.

111-117 Scott.tif
Four photos of Twin City Loan & Thrift at 111 - 117 Scott St. (remodeled 27 Scott St.)

1972 Yearbook (Annual) of Thomas Jefferson High School

1972 Yearbook (Annual) of Abraham Lincoln High School.
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