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Best Photos 1962-1966

Through the changes in the season, through many generations, the boy and girl on the old iron fountain have kept watch over Bayliss Park. This unusual photo by Larry Sollazzo of The Nonpareil captures the pair in the fountain shower during a sliver…

Council Bluffs citizens were alerted Friday to be on the lookout for "Schnapps," a 10-foot tall St. Bernard which was last seen trotting down Pearl Street with a small foreign car instead of a wine keg dangling from her neck. The dog nearly ran over…

Weathered and eroded by the timeless waters of the Missouri River, these old boat pilings south of the Union Pacific railroad bridge, patiently stand guard on the muddy beach waiting the onslaught of the spring thaw. Only the occasional clunk of ice…

Heavy frost and winter haze couple with light snowfall made even the city's parking lots look like the work of an artist. This picture was taken at Eighth Street and Indian Creek Wednesday morning.

Airplane wreckage. Photo apparently not used in the Nonpareil, but associated with photo and article from November 6, 1968, "Bluffs Couple Die In Airplane Crash". Notation on back: "Plane Crash 11-6-65" Couple killed were Ross A. Walker and Alta…

The a cornfield ripped the front end of the single-engined aircraft to shreds.

Working Like A Schnapps, a St. Bernard who provides power for the V-plow guided by his master, Glen A. Gohlinghost of 232 Jordan St. They are cleaning snow from the sidewalk near their home.

Old-timers have many memories of scenes like this, created Thursday afternoon when a major power failure plunged The Nonpareil and the rest of Council Bluffs into darkness. State Editor Verne Peyser prepares news copy about the blackout by the light…

Like Fine this wintry work of nature on a wooded lane just off Timberlane. This picture was shot on the second day of spring.

The Pony Creek hills northwest of Glenwood take on picture post card qualities after snow falls. This scene, following an earlier snow, features one of the abandoned bridges familiar in the area.

Inspecting 3207 Sixth Avenue where the bodies of the fours children of Mrs. Richard M. Allen were found is Fire Capt. Earl Foster. The young brothers suffocated. Other Nonpareil Photo on page 12.

Fred W. Herbert...resigned last week as Cass County deputy auditor. He worked in the courthouse all but 10 years since 1898.

Interstate 29 Roundup...turns highway patrolmen into cowboys as 69 cattle are herded down the super-road.

A sign on the first tee at the Dodge Park Golf Course offers a reminder Thursday that spring is only 21 days away, but a fresh blanket of snow turns the greens of the course white.

With Aid Of Walking Sticks...Fireman Robert Carroll, an unidentified man, and Policemen C.E. Moore, Ronald Stevens, John Schweer, Herbert Mace and William Lane continue on their long trek to Missouri Valley and Back [sic].

The Spider...pulled down a great share of Lynx rebounds. Paul Merkuris (52) looks like he used four arms and four legs on this effort, as a T.J. defender flounders behind him.

Look, No Tonsils...seem to be the words of Ricky, 4, and Gene, 3. Beth Marie, s (middle) is sill a little unhappy about the operation.

Jutting McPaul derailment, this flat car didn't get into orbit Tuesday. Its load, polished slabs of granite, slid off, foreground. Other picture on page 5.
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