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Schools D537.tif
Unidentified group photograph of a class of grade school children.

Schools B566.tif
Photograph of school children outside of Bloomer School, Council Bluffs. Partial list of names on the back of the photograph.

Churches D456.tif
Group photograph outside of Delong Mission No. 2, Council Bluffs.

Bridges U556zg.tif
Photograph of women and children on Council Bluffs riverfront with Union Pacific bridge in background

Bridges T476b.tif
Child walking across terminal railroad bridge.

Roses for mother. . . of the four Allen boys buried Sunday in these white caskets are plucked from the sprays at her request by the Rev. Raymond Lott at the cemetery near Oakland. --Nonpareil Photo.

Discussing details . . . of the Eilene Allen fund are Mrs. John Tyson, treasurer; the Rev. Antonion Ramirez, president; Mrs. George White, secretary. --Nonpareil Photo.

Child abuse council hopes to end duplication. January 27, 1982
Sexual abuse clinics to leas to consolidation. March 1, 1982
Driver case appeal seen. March 15, 1982
Child abuse council jelling. March 19, 1982
'Abused child may feel he's totally…

Photograph of a child at Lake Manawa

Photograph of children on slide at Lake Manawa.

Schools w374A.tif
Photograph of teacher and four children at the Washington Avenue Red Cross School for Crippled Children. No names given.
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