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Death Records for Belknap Township. Assessor's Return of Deaths register

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Fire Fighters - 9-8-1968.tif
Oakland firemen are shown wearing firefighting gear as a warm-up for the competition in Monday's annual Fall Festival, when firemen from throughout Southwest Iowa will take part in a water fight tournament for cash prizes.

Fire Fighters - 2-5-1969 Bernard O'Neill & Herb Rock at explosion at Oakland.tif
Blast area is pointed out by Bernard O'Neill and Herb Rock both of Avoca and relatives of Wilber McCown who was injured in the mishap. Rock was pulling the light switch that apparently set off the explosion. McCown landed against the furnace at left…


At AFS fete: Area AFS students feted at Oakland Sunday, (left to right, front row: Corning, Miss Sonja Nakawaja, Thailand; Denison, Miss Dona Cella, Bissi, Italy; Walnut, Miss Marian Vranchen, The Netherlands; Red Oak, Miss Chieko Majima, Japan;…

Roses for mother. . . of the four Allen boys buried Sunday in these white caskets are plucked from the sprays at her request by the Rev. Raymond Lott at the cemetery near Oakland. --Nonpareil Photo.
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