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Broadway B763b showing horse car track at 4th St. See note on back.tif
Photograph of Broadway and 4th Street, showing horse car tracks

WWI V538h.tif
Photograph of Broadway street in Council Bluffs (Iowa) looking west from 4th street. Shows decorations for Victory parade welcoming home Company L, 168th Infantry, May 20, 1919.

Printed at bottom of photograph: "Spirit of C. B. Iowa - May 1919.

Business C437b.tif
Charles J. Beckman Leather & Saddlery. 4th street and Broadway. Goods and unidentified men in front.

Broadway L665d.tif
Reproduction of a postcard looking up Broadway from 4th street

Broadway L665b.tif
Reproduction of a postcard looking west on Broadway below 4th street.

Council Bluffs is treated to a canopy of rolling clouds Saturday morning following a .5 inch rainfall. This picture was taken on Broadway at Fourth Street by Jack Kennedy, Nonpareil photographer.

"Now" Is Any Autumn Afternoon...looking east on Broadway toward the Fourth Street intersection citizens see the spot where parades have marched in tribute to local heroes for 55 years.

Aerial Photo of West Broadway, looking northwest. Area of photo covers from approximately 6th Street and Willow, northeast to 1st Street/Madison Avenue. Buildings pictured include City Hall, the old Public Library, the old County Courthouse,…
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