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Today...the Fourth Street buildings have been changed to rubble and hauled away, exposing the backs of other business houses across the alley. In a matter of days the contractor's equipment will be in the pits preparing the way for new construction.…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene: Just last November this was the west side of Fourth Street between First Ave. and Broadway. Building wreckers were moving in to clear the block for a city parking garage. Most of the structures dated well back into…

Photograph of middle Broadway. North side of Broadway from Fourth Street toward Bryant Street. Area now included in shopping center.

Photograph of the Masonic Temple. East side of Fourth Street at Broadway Intersection. State Bank and Trust Drive in entry on this site.

"Now" Is Any Autumn Afternoon...looking east on Broadway toward the Fourth Street intersection citizens see the spot where parades have marched in tribute to local heroes for 55 years.

ca 1950?
Broadway looking west from Fourth Street to Main. Iowa Finance Company on the corner of Fourth and Broadway, and Edwards Cafe mid-block.
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