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Council Bluffs Changing Scene: Activities of prohibitionists on Willow Avenue, between Seventh and Eighth Streets, are shown on this postcard picture published in 1919. The demonstration against the sale of liquor was made in front of Bloomer…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Near the end of the 1800's, this picture was taken on Main Street, looking south from First Avenue. The occasion was the parade of the Gentry Dog and Pany Show. posters noted the price at 15 and 25 cents. At top left…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--South Main Street, looking south from Willow Avenue, was decorated for a parade when this picture was taken about 50 years ago. At the extreme right is the old Merriam Block, the Grand Livery Stable is at center; the…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Back in 1919, uptown Council Bluffs is decorated with flags and banners for a parade celebrating the Allies victory in World War I. This photo is looking west on Broadway, from Fourth St. It is from a collection of…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Judging from this picture nearly everyone in town turned out for the Ringling Brothers circus parade around 1895. Men wore derbys [sic] and women wore hooped skirts. The parade is turning the corner of Main St. and…

Photographs of the Council Bluffs Pride Parade (Celebrate CB)

Citizens turn out for a parade to welcome the 51st Infantry Regiment--home from the Philippines and the Spanish American War. Marching is the Oskaloosa band. "Then" was 1898...

Parade (209).jpg
Photographs of Pride Week parade and events in Council Bluffs

Parade (52).jpg
Photographs of a parade on Broadway in Council Bluffs

Parade (26).jpg
Photographs of a parade on Broadway in Council Bluffs

Parade (3).jpg
Photographs of a parade on Broadway in Council Bluffs

Blue Star Foods' float, which featured both the plant building and the space shuttle Challenger. [photo part of parade photo collage].

Fire Department Parade ~1900 300- block W Broadway.tif
Photograph of Council Bluffs Fire Department in a parade on 300 Block W Broadway.

Fire Department Sunday School Parade.tif
Photograph of a Sunday School parade with the Fire Station in the background.

What's A Parade...without clowns. Here's a wagon load of Junior Clowns from the Moose Club. They are (front row) Nancy and Candy Black, Jody Thrain and Lloyd Schneckloth, and (behind) Todd Evans, Dennis Rockwell and Michelle Black.

You've Come...a long way baby is the Fourth of July slogan of the Pottawattamie Legal Secretaries' float. While one typed on an electric machine, the other float rider used an antique typewriter.

Zeta Chi Sorority...uses lots of red, white and blue for its float and costumes. The club, like many other organizations, spent many hours to make the parade a success. Behind the 'heritage" float rides a new Urban Renewal office building on…

A Little one of the many floats at the Council Bluffs Bicentennial Parade, which included 108 entries. Some floats were little, like this one, while others required a flat-bed truck.

Police Said...about 12,000 people lined Broadway and Pearl Street to watch the Saturday council Bluffs Bicentennial parade. The Veterans of Foreign Wars Band sets the pace for the 108 entries in the long, winding parade. This picture gives a view…

Parades P373a.tif
Five photographs of parade of an unidentified traveling show on Broadway.
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