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Fire Department Central Fire Station see also Council Bluffs Post Cards.tif
A postcard of the Council Bluffs Central Fire Station.

Schools H544.tif
Postcard. High School, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Lakes L354f.tif
Postcard. Park View and Pavilion, Lake Manawa.

Lakes L354c.tif
Postcard. Yachting, Lake Manawa, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Omaha H376.tif
Postcard. Boulevard looking South West from Harney Street, Omaha, NE

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Omaha H367.tif
Postcard. Upper lake, Hanscom Park, Omaha, NE.

Streets P437a.tif
Postcard. Looking North on Pearl Street from Court House, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Parks L495.tif
Postcard. Entrance to Lewis and Clark Monument, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Parks B395l.tif
Postcard. New fountain in Bayliss Square, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Memorial A273a.tif
Postcard. Abraham Lincoln Memorial. Lincoln Park Entrance to Rohrer Park Residence District at Oakland Drive, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Hotels G736c.tif
Postcard of the Grand Hotel Council Bluffs

Hotels G736b.tif
Postcard of the Grand Hotel in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Hotels G736a.tif
Postcard of the Grand Hotel, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Hospitals J466e.tif
Postcard of Jennie Edmundson Hospital

Hospitals J466d.tif
Postcard depicting Jennie Edmondson Hospital.

Hospitals G744.tif
Postcard. Mercy Hospital. Jennie Edmundson Memorial Hospital.

Hospitals D684.tif
Postcard with a photograph of the Brandeis Building of the Douglas County Hospital - Omaha, Nebraska.

Christian Home C475c.tif
Postcard. This building was the first contructed on the grounds of the Christian Home. It was made possible by an unknown donor who contributed an undetermined amount as a Gift of Love - "In His Name". It is named Cornerstone Hall, not only to call…

Charities C455a.tif
Postcard. Discovery Park, Children's Square U.S.A. Paul Goodenow Discovery Park is the heart of Children's Square U.S.A. in Council Bluffs Iowa. The educational center teaches values and life skills to children and families.

Broadway L665a see note on back.tif
Reproduction of a postcard of Upper Broadway.
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