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Postcard. Bayliss Park and Hotel Chieftain, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Postcard. Free Public Library and Court House, Council Bluffs, Iowa.


Libraries C686b.jpg
Postcard of the Public Library, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Libraries P835c.jpg
Postcard. Public Library, Council Bluffs, Iowa

Parks C885.jpg
Postcard of the cut in Fairmount Park. Caption reads: "The Cut in Fairmount Park from High Bridge, Council Bluffs, IA."

Postcard with a photograph of the Brandeis Building of the Douglas County Hospital - Omaha, Nebraska.

Parks E587a.jpg
Postcard of the streetcar entrance to Fairmount Park.

Business P678.tif
Postcard of the First Federal Savings and Loan Building at Main and Broadway.

Dodge, G G636a.tif
Postcard photograph of General G. M. Dodge's funeral procession.

Railroads G653.tif
Postcard. Golden Spike, Council Bluffs Iowa. "Rearing its head 56 feet into the is this huge concrete replica of a railroad spike, located at the zero-zero mile post of the Union Pacific. A large bronze plaque marks forever the fact that this city is…

Broadway P366.tif
Postcard showing a panoramic view of Main and Broadway.

Schools A946b.tif

Postcard of the Avenue B School in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Public Utilities C686c.tif
Postcard of the reservoir in Fairmount Park.

Parks L354.tif
Postcard. Municipal Bathing Beach, Lakeview Park, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Fountain - Bayliss Park, Council Bluffs, Iowa

Parks B395h.tif
Bayliss Park and Hotel Chieftain, Council Bluffs, Iowa

Broadway L665d.tif
Reproduction of a postcard looking up Broadway from 4th street

Music C686c.tif
Postcard picturing the Council Bluffs Municipal Band. Partial list of names on back.

Broadway L665b.tif
Reproduction of a postcard looking west on Broadway below 4th street.

Streets P437b.tif
Postcard of Pearl Street, looking north from the Council Bluffs Public Library.
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