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"Good New" the form of positive recommendations by a legislative committee may be in store for the Clarinda Mental health Institute. Pictured is the Administration Building.

Photography of hall, main section is 4 stories with a circular portico, other wing(s) are 3 stories.

Panoramic photograph including Hope Hall at the Clarinda Hospital, across a wide lawn. ca 1930?

Today...the site is occupied by St. Bernard's Hospital. using the Geise residence as a starting point, the hospital has grown steadily since it was founded in 1887. The center section and old main entrance of the hospital consist of the old Geise…

Today...nearly 50 years later, and with several additions, the hospital has grown to several times its original size. This picture is made from the corner of Pierce and Ridge Streets. It shows the newest addition to the hospital, extreme left, as…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--From an old postcard of 1909 comes this picture of the original section of the present Jennie Edmundson Hospital at Oak and Pierce Streets. The card is from the collection of Arthur J. Rogers, 130 Park Ave.

Today...the photograph taken from Harmony and Frank Streets shows only part of the hospital. The original front entrance on Harmony is now the emergency entrance. And the many additions now dwarf the original section of the hospital. Another new…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--This is how Mercy Hospital appears on a postal card printed in 194. The main entrance is on Harmony Street. This old picture is from the collection of Arthur Rogers, 130 Park Ave.

clarinda, 1908.png
A photograph of the Iowa State Hospital for the Insane in Clarinda, IA.

Hospitals S733c.tif
Exterior photograph of St. Bernard's Hospital in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Hospitals S733b(1).tif
Photographs showing construction at St. Bernard's Hospital.

Hospitals Mercy.tif
Invitation and program of the dedication of Mercy Hospital, Council Bluffs, Iowa.


Hospitals J466e.tif
Postcard of Jennie Edmundson Hospital

Hospitals J466d.tif
Postcard depicting Jennie Edmondson Hospital.

Hospitals G744.tif
Postcard. Mercy Hospital. Jennie Edmundson Memorial Hospital.

Hospitals D684.tif
Postcard with a photograph of the Brandeis Building of the Douglas County Hospital - Omaha, Nebraska.

Five postcards depicting Mercy Hospital.

Eight postcards depicting Jennie Edmundson Memorial Hospital.

Hospitals S733f Mercy.tif
Photograph of St. Bernard's Hospital in 1890 and Mercy Hospital in 1902.
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