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Cots Fill Abraham Lincoln High School, the main evacuation center set up by the Red Cross. More than 250 evacuees took refuge in this center as the appalling river threatened their homes. Other Red Cross shelters cared for a total of…

At Trouble Spot on North engineers are building a tie-back levee from the hill through Big Lake park and joining the main levee between the North western and Illinois Central railroad tracks.

Roller Coaster Roadbed...faces Illinois Central crewmen for two miles where rails and ties sagged of their own weight when roadbed was washed out.

Older man with cane sitting on chair, with 3 young boys sitting on the floor around him; man is speaking to the boys.

Man in work clothes and boots, lying on his back across three folding chairs next to a radiator; arms are crossed over his eyes.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Broadway west from Scott St. took on a drab look the first week of April 1952. The city threatened by Missouri River flooding, sandbags wallowed hog-like in the center of the business district. Nearly all business…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--In April of 1881, the Chicago North Western Railroad station was located at Broadway and Sycamore Street, and it looked like this during the historic flood when the depot was used as a boat landing. Note the depot and…

If 1952 Flood Happened This Year . . . this chart, prepared by the U.S. Corps of Engineers, shows what would happen at Council Bluffs if the Missouri River flood of April 1952 were to happen today. Because Fort Randall is now impounding water, the…

North side of Broadway, looking east from 11th Street

Broadway, between the North Western and Illinois Central railroad tracks

Tank farm south of Council Bluffs, flooded by Mosquito Creek

Railroad switch engine pulling off stuck truck on west side of North Western RR city depot, about 4 p.m.

Looking East on Broadway from Eleventh Street, Council Bluffs, IA

The Poudre in flood, looking west from the Oak Street Bridge, May 21, 1904

View of Council Bluffs during the Missouri River flood of 1881

Frank Schultz calmly watches the Missouri River lap at his doorstep below the east end of Ak-Sar-Ben Bridge. Schultz, on familiar terms with the river since 1930, said this spring's water level is the highest he's seen in eight years. But Schultz…

Remnants Of A Bridge...dangle in the swollen waters of Walnut Creek in Waveland Township. It was one of a half dozen bridges washed out or damaged by ice and running water Tuesday.
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