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The Illinois Central draw bridge over the Missouri River is one of the largest of its kind in this country. The Iowa span of the bridge was built in 1893; the Nebraska span later. The Omaha skyline is at the top of this piecture which is looking to…

Gilbert's Pon, top center, and the dredged pond in Lake View Park stand out like mirrors as they reflect the gray sky on an overcast day. In the foreground is the Illinois Central Railroad tracks. North Western tracks are in the background. The…

Illinois Central Bridge_08_04_1969_002.jpg
Wrecked Freight Cars . . . ditched in the derailment were thrown and pushed from the right-of-way. The accident occurred just south of the Honey Creek interchange of I-29.

Illinois Central Bridge_08_04_1969_001.jpg
Clearing Right Of Way . . . at the scene of the Illinois Central derailment Sunday 12 miles north of Council Bluffs, work crews ready the grade for laying new rails. Empty boxcars have been dozed to either side of torn-out track section.

Illinois Central Bridge_04_11_1969_001.jpg
Henry Watkins, 3437 Eighth Ave., a switchman, and K.J. Buhman, 310 Park Ave., engineer, Friday stand picket duty at Thirteenth Street and Avenue G. About 26 members of United Transportation Union Local 520 have joined some 4,000 workers in 14 states…

Illinois Central Bridge_04_08_1964_001.jpg
All Is Quiet . . . in most sections of the Illinois Central Railroad yard here. This picture was taken near Thirteenth Street and Avenue F.

Today...passenger facilities have been discontinued and the operation deals entirely with freight. A newer building in the same location as the original depot is only a portion of the structure first designed as a replacement.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene: In the early 1900s the Illinois Central Railroad had this passenger station at Thirteenth St. and Avenue A. Note the mail wagons waiting for an incoming train. The picture is from a post card in the collection of…
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