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Today...the scene has changed, and within the week, the new Broadway Viaduct will take on a still different look when the traffic starts rolling over the four lanes. This section of the viaduct covers approximately the same ground shown in the 1950…

Today...most of the building at right, formerly World Radio Laboratories, has been burned out. The corner drugstore is being remodeled to make room for the Broadway Viaduct, which will begin at Eighth St. Far down Broadway all buildings have been…

Broadway Viaduct
(Includes one clip/pic on "Viaduct Park"
Officially opened 8/17/55

Newly planted trees, shrubs and flower beds decorate the city's newest and smallest park. It occupies the east edge of the Viaduct parking lot at Eighth and Broadway. The camera points toward the Eighth and Broadway intersection.

Broadway Viaduct...has already carried thousands of vehicles over the railroad tracks.
[looking west from 8th Street]

Photo from street level, beside (below) the Broadway viaduct from next to Nav's Tavern at 1013 West Broadway.

aerial photo of Broadway Viaduct, with concrete at 8th Street yet to be poured.

Activity Buzzes...on Broadway Viaduct as carpenters and steel workers prepare for concrete work on west end of the span.,

view of the side of the Broadway viaduct, showing concrete support tiers and structural steel.

The Broadway Viaduct..stretches from Eighth to Fifteenth Sts. as contractors prepare to set the structural steel of the two-million dollar project. Except for the structural steel work, the west approach ramp (bottom) is the only major part of the…

Razing of Diamond almost down to the first floor. The building is being demolished to make way for the Broadway viaduct.

George Steinberg has announced sale of Steinberg grocery at 1428 West Broadway to the state to make way for the Broadway viaduct. Sale pdice[sic] was $24,500, the figure set by the viaduct appraisal board;.

aerial view, looking west, of Broadway from about 7th Street.
"Air view of Council Bluffs, Oct. 21, 1950" [typed on back of photo]

aerial view of Broadway viaduct, looking west, ca 1955

Though it's the nature of the business...a scrap metal operation isn't a very pretty panorama picture as travelers pass over the Broadway viaduct between 15 and 8th Streets.
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