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Council Bluffs Changing Scene--In the early part of the century the Bluff City Laundry, located a 22 North Main St., used a fleet of horse and wagons for delivery service with the help of one truck. Building at right was the second location of the…

Bicycle Pedaling...does wonders for the wind John Nelson, insurance agent, finds out when he joins the class on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Nonpareil Photos by Jack Kennedy.

It Was Easy To Put It On...but City manager Don Harmon grimaces as he attempts to work a few inches from his midsection with the aid of Ben Siepker, telephone engineer...[Nonpareil photos by Jack Kennedy]

The Entire Class...does 10 laps around the gym after a noon-hour exercise session. The Rev. Ralph Faisst, of St. John United Church of Christ, leas the way, followed by Morris Hester, the fitness director for the Y....[Nonpareil photos by Jack…

YMCA site.tif
YMCA site, Mercantile Bank site foreground.

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New YMCA.tif
"New YMCA on 4th St."


Three postcards depicting the original Council Bluffs YMCA Building.

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